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10 Amazing Tips For Systems Management


Management is of immense importance in a person’s professional and personal life. There is no success without the efficient management. It can be time management, risk management, facility management, file management and systems management. There is no escape from the management. Throughout our professional and personal life, one thing which often leaves us in trouble is inefficient file systems management. We save the file on a computer in an unorganized way and then keep finding it when needed. Some tips for file systems management are

Arrange files according to the types

In business, certain types of documents are produced. For file systems management, make different folders for every type of file. For example make a separate folder for account files, marketing files and management files. You can name the folder according to your business.

Step 1

One Folder

Once making separate folders, save them all in one big folder. Don’t save them to different destinations. Saving all of them in one location will let you find the desired file in time. You need to run full PC scan.

Take printout of important files

For important invoices and documents take out the printouts and file them in a proper file cover. File systems management is not limited to files stored in PC but it is extended to every type of file management. So develop such system in your office too. Place each file separately in their respective cabinets and name these cabinets too.

Step 2

Arrange folders date wise

For file systems management, it is important that there is separate folder according to dates too. For example make different folders for 2009 and 2011. Don’t save all of them in one folder. It is difficult to find a single file from too many files. Same goes for hard copies of the documents.

Step 3

Assign proper names

For a useful file systems management, it is important that each file is assigned with the proper name. The name should be easy to memorize, logical and according to the nature of the document. Keeping the haphazard name of files will result in chaos.

Keep cleaning

Keep checking and cleaning the folders from regular intervals. Delete the unnecessary files, rearrange the saved files and arrange them in designated folders. System cleaning is an important task which many of us usually neglect.


Arrange files in order of priority

Arrange the files according to their use. The files that are needed on a daily basis, like a task report; they should be placed in an easy to access location.

Keep a backup of every file

Keeping backup of every file is must. There are chances of occurrence of an event which would lose all the data on hard disk. If you have a backup, you will not be worried. But, if there will be no backup, it will be a disaster. Business files are very important and should be handled with great care. Make backup of files and system in some other system.


Install a file management software

With the new technological tools and applications, there are a number of applications that help in file management. Get one of this software for an effective and efficient file management.

An antivirus to keep files safe

For protection of files and whole system, a good antivirus is necessary. Our computer system is exposed to a number of viruses every day. To keep them away from reaching the file and to avoid any chances of hacking, use of antivirus is necessary.

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