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As the name refers, management systems is a continuous process of managing and improving policies, procedures and processes of a business. Globalization andthe evolution of technology with time have made this world competitive, which has driven the need of developing an effective management systems by the organization in order to survive and compete in this complex world. Organizations always find a need to adopt, improve, advance and change their management systems for the betterment of their own and customers wants.Any organization without management system is nothing’. It is just as like, a firm having enthusiastic and loyal employees, great resources, valuable building as well as latest technology but not having organized and systematized plans and strategies to carry out their business functions and processes. Management systems provides a platform to find right direction to run businesses successfully.

Step 1

Although, the management systems of an organization differs from business to business but by following few stepswould helpevery type of organization to create an effective management systems:

  • The initial step for developing an essential management systems is to state the mission and vision statements, objectives and strategies of an organization. Organization must also set SMART departmental goals that are in-consistent with the organizational goals. This step is important because without any aim or objectives nothing can be achieved.

Step 2

  • Organization must not forget to plan tools and procedures in order to achieve documented mission and vision. This step is critical and time taking but once a company decides its organizational chart, project roles and duties, activities, resources, reports, audit plans, review structure and training process then the implementation and development process can be completed with great ease.

Step 3

  • The third step that is required for management system formulation is Development. For building an effective management systems, an expert with excellent organizational, communication and time management skills is required. Step by step approach is followed in this step where organization’s experts are first going to craft an actual document with the help of planned policies, procedures and some supporting materials then they will conduct test to measure its effectiveness and finally, reviewing of those developed processes will insure that the development process is fully completed.


  • Implementation of the effective management systems will help an organization to manage financial and environmental risks, to satisfy customer needs and wants, to maximize profits with minimum cost, improving brand image and market positioning and good relationships with stakeholders and clients etc. But all these things wouldn’t take place over night; it’s a time taking process. Firstly you are going to educate and train your employees with the policies and procedures of management systems then you are going to conduct an audit in order to find out what you have achieved and what your objectives and goals were.


  • The most important and non-ending step of management system is Re-discovery. This step will help an organization’s to find out their loop-holes after facing the actual market conditions and necessary improvements can be made in previously formulated management system with time and when required.
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