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Pitching for management is a national series of events and activities which is being offered by global multinational companies the chance to enhance and elaborate senior and non senior executives to help their company to proceed to their next step of growth. At each event and activity 6 companies present their business strategies and their role models available to a room of highly qualified and experienced professional’s individuals ranging from sales, marketing, finance and other departments board positions to mentorships, chair, CEO and non executive director positions. In other terms pitching management is a stage or a live event series where big and great companies find a way to work with great people that can really bring a major change to their company growth. Here are some tips which are essential for pitching management:


These events provide a unique and cost effective opportunity to pitch to a large and prestigious audience with a range of high skills sets.

Presenting your business and the roles to offer people directly with the expertise you offer.

Market your specific job opportunities to our network, to ensure that people with the most relevant skills and experience turn out for your pitch.

If you are an ambitious and highly motivated company and want to look after building your company at a peak, you should keep on participating in these kinds of events.

Pitching management provides up charge one up-front fee for pitching slots and we do not take or charge up any success fees. You follow up the leads and interview and recruit candidates, in your own time and own terms and conditions.

As a matter of fact pitching management events provide a vital platform for the individual player to become and be a part of the great companies of tomorrow.

Companies look for highly motivated and professional people to fill up the positions for CEO, Directors, Software Development professionals and much more so here is the platform you can apply and show your work pitch.


The specific time given to present your pitch to the audience is about 8 minutes as a general fact the audiences is all professional people sitting and have an idea of the challenges and opportunities offered by fast growing companies. Your business does not have to be any particular size or shape to pitch and show the results the audience most likes about the event is the companies participating in the pitch and the way they are presenting their selves. As it a unique opportunity to network and advertise with fellows and fellow business professionals meet the best intellectual talent from around the world and then find their roles in dynamic and fast growing business organizations. There are some important points for pitching which are useful in pitching management:


Keeping it short, accurate and precise.

Having a hook.

Pitching yourself, not your ideas.

Don’t forget the pitch.

Don’t overwhelm with technical and statistical jargon.


Same tactics should be used for print.



Involve in the startup community before you pitch.

Confident and should be professional and well groomed to present yourself.

By John, published at 02/10/2012
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