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What You Need To Know About Management Online


Let’s start with discussing about the management first, and then we shall look into the detail of management online.

Management in simple words means that organizing the operations of the business in order to get the desired outcomes and to manage the operations in such a way that the core objectives of the business are met in without compromising the quality of the work.

For the business to run effectively, management of the business needs to be very strong and productive. If the management of the business is weak, this leads to the weak accomplishment of the day to day operations of the organization and in the worse circumstances business may fail to survive ultimately.

With the advancements in Information technology management practice can be done online. Online management is more likely to occur in the bigger organizations, which are having vast operation and they are operating in the multiple cities/countries. However smaller organizations can also go for the online management, but that is not of much favorable consequences as compared to the larger organizations.

There are many facts that go in the favor and at the same time against the Management Online.


Management online is helpful in the larger organizations, having multinational operations, so it saves the time of the organizations, and many works can be executed earlier because of online communication as compared to the normal communication methods. For management online computer software’s can be used, which make the task much easier and earlier to execute. Like ‘Oracle’ is a management tool which can be used to make accounts and it decreases the onus of manual making of the accounts. These accounts can be sent online, to our required offices and in this way online management of accounts can be done. In the centralized organizations, where the control activity is done from the Head Office, the Decision making process is much slower, because for every decision to be taken, the subordinates have to consult the Head Office. Nevertheless, it is a positive outcome of management online that time can be saved for decision making process by using the electronic channels of communications.


Now let’s discuss some negative aspects of management online. Managers working in the organization have some behavioral issues. They become habitual of the manual working in the organization. However when they see the drift in the methodology of the management, means online management is adopted, they find it unreliable and feel reluctant to work in the new way. Management online might be of drastic consequences if the online system of the organization is hacked and the confidential information of the organization is leaked. At the same time viruses and Trojans can make the online system non-functional and this might lead to the loss of data. However viruses and Trojans can be figured out by the use of anti-virus software and firewalls.


So, the above discussion shows that there are many points that support management online and that go against management online. However, there are risks and uncertainties in many functions that an organization performs. The flaws of the Management online be eradicated by taking preventive measures. Otherwise management online is a good tool that the organizations are frequently using and making the management much flexible. So, personally I would prefer, that the organizations should go for the online management in this time of globalization.

By John, published at 02/10/2012
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