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Management services are among the broadest and most diverse categories of jobs available. These services include such dissimilar groupings as retail management, office management, IT management, wealth management, and project management to name only a few! Whether you are a part of these management services, or any other, this article will offer you some great advice on how to improve your service’s performance. Let’s begin!

Step 1

The reason management service jobs exist is because employers have determined that such services provide an effective way to increase the value of their employees, and therefore, their business. A management service worker can consider themselves to be a valuable worker if they can answer ‘yes’ to the following question: will the workers I manage produce less goods or services if I was not their manager? Will they make fewer toys, sell fewer clothes, answer less calls, fix less computers etc. without your managerial guidance? That is, after all, the reason your employer gave you the position – to create a more effective team of employees.

Step 2

The first step to increasing management services performance is to understand the different abilities and contributions that each member of your team is able to provide. For instance, it’s probably not a very good idea to assign the new guy to the help desk since he’s not yet familiar with the ins and outs of the company. Study each team member’s abilities carefully and assign appropriate tasks to them.

Step 3

Next, as a management services professional, you must learn how to plan effectively; otherwise, without constant luck, your team is doomed to failure! The best way to start planning is to fully understand your goals (“this is what your boss wants!”). Next, establish a clearly focused, step-by-step, way to reach that goal. To do this successfully, determine what resources are at your disposal, what resources you need, and what you can get.


Assign team members to accomplish these tasks. However, planning your goals doesn’t end there. As the management services leader, you must also plan for likely eventualities – including failures. What will this team do if one of your objectives is not fulfilled? Or what if the price for a particular item I need to reach my goal is too expensive? What should I substitute for that item? Evaluate and plan for all of the likely scenarios you will encounter before you tell your team members to start their assigned tasks.

Once the job begins, your job is to direct the people under you. As their supervisor, you are expected to issue instructions. Do this by keeping an eye on what your team is doing. Make sure the team is proceeding according to your plan. If it’s not, you need to step in and re-shift the team’s path as you have prepared it. Even with all of the best planning, problems will creep up. You can plan for only so many things. As a management services worker, your job also involves adjusting your plan as new situations arise.

As you continue with your management services job, you will gain more experience and understand the likely ways that a plan can go wrong. You will learn that managing a team is not always easy. Nonetheless, by becoming an effective manager, your team will become more valuable with you, than without!

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/16/2012
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