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Great Advice For Management Restaurant


If you are in the management restaurant business, you are keenly aware that your job deals with such unrelated tasks as hiring employees, formulating a marketing strategy, assigning staff roles, and dealing with customers, to name just a few! Given all those roles, how can even you be sure that you are doing an effective job in managing your restaurant? This article will give you some great advice on successfully fulfilling your responsibilities as the management restaurant supervisor. Let’s get started!

Step 1

First of all, your employees should be given guidance on what their areas of responsibility are. Whether the employee is your star chef, or the lonely janitor, each employee needs to understand what their job requires of them. For example, does the chef clean the kitchen tables, or does the janitor? When the weekly delivery truck comes with your supplies, who will help you move the boxes? Is the cashier allowed to offer discounts to picky customers? As the management restaurant head, it is up to you to clearly assign appropriate responsibilities to your employees.

Step 2

Next, the management restaurant needs to formulate an effective marketing strategy. In today’s digitally connected world, you will need more than just a black-and-white newspaper advertisement or a spot on the radio. A management restaurant professional will need to make sure that the restaurant has a professional-looking website with mouth-watering pictures of your food, and is linked to social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Step 3

These are some of the most popular hangout spots on the entire web, and this step will ensure that as many of your potential customers – new and old alike -- are being frequently reminded of your business as possible. Another advantage of having a website for you restaurant is that when potential customers call your store and ask what foods you offer (at the busiest possible time!), you can direct them to your website where they can browse your offerings in their own leisurely time!

Step 4

An effective management restaurant should also make promotions as a way of spreading your restaurant’s name. This could mean anything from having a “Free Drinks Mondays” or a two-for-one special to name a few promotional ideas. This step will ensure that customers will bring in their friends and families to take advantage of your offer. If they like your restaurant’s food and service, they will bring in more friends and families, and so-on. As the person in charge of management restaurant, It’s up to you to effectively decide what kinds of promotions to hold, and how often.

Step 5

Update your restaurant menus and prices frequently. As we all know quite well, the cost of doing business changes frequently and by not adjusting your management restaurant prices accordingly, you are over or under charging your customers while your competition is making more money. No one wants to frequent a restaurant that is overpriced, and you shouldn’t have to cut back on profits every time the beverage supplier decides to increase his price. So you see, the benefits of updating the menu frequently can outweigh the costs associated with re-doing a menu.


Now that you know what it takes to make an effect management restaurant professional, go out there, and make more money!

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/16/2012
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