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Ever visited a business’ website only to discover a nightmare of confusing navigation system, outdated product listings and possibly even embedded viruses on the page? If so, that website needs a professional web management service! The field of web management involves the development and hosting of well-designed and user-friendly websites on reliable servers, and the implementation of computer security to protect against any malicious users and software. Whether the website is for a major business that sells goods and services to a global customer base, or a personal homepage, correct web management skills will cultivate the proper image and generate potential revenues that the website’s owner wants. This article will share with you some tips and ideas for anyone interested in the field of web management.

Step 1

When an employer hands you the job of building a business website, you must first fully understand what the requirements of the site are. For instance, is the site planned on being used to sell products through the Internet? In such a case, you will need to determine how your site will handle credit card (and other types of payment) processing.

Step 2

A web management computer system that stores such sensitive financial information is frequently the targets of hackers, so you must have the proper background in computer security to thwart such attacks. If your server security is eventually breached, your company may be held liable for any losses! Therefore, you need to make sure your server is frequently updated with security patches.

Step 3

If you determine that handling such delicate security matters is too great a burden for you, you can choose to have a 3rd party provider, such as Google or PayPal, handle the financial transactions for a small fee. You will have to search though various transaction providers to determine the one that meets the costs and services you have in mind.

Step 4

Your employer may determine that you will not be responsible for updating the contents of the site. “Great,” you say to yourself! This means less work you! Well, not exactly! How will the employer be able to change the prices on his site without asking for your help every time? You see, in such a scenario, your boss will almost certainly want you to implement a system to make it easier for non-experts to change the content of the site. Such a system is commonly known in the web management industry as a Content Management System (CMS). It can quite easily be the most time consuming part of website development, depending on what your employer requires from such a service.

Step 5

Also, remember that when you are designing a business website, you should build it for the target audience – the customers – and not the high level company managers. Although the managers may enjoy seeing their faces and accomplishments posted throughout the site, the customers probably will not care. By appearing grandiose, costumers might even avoid visiting such self-serving sites hurting the website’s popularity, and since you designed and built it – your web management reputation!


Understanding the ins and outs of web design, development and server maintenance is the key to a good web management service. By excelling in providing these services, your career in web management will accelerate very quickly! Good luck!

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/16/2012
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