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In the engineering industry, there are a variety of sectors that a graduate can undertake, it takes extensive study in the preferred area the individual wants to study and takes a technical and practical approach to become a qualified engineer.


Without the devoted passion in the development of skills and capabilities in the engineering industry, it would lead to a very bleak daily routine for millions of people worldwide. It is an important industry for diverse areas of the world to be able to live in a stable environment with the help of various tools for operating the structures and machines that professionals use deliver a particular engineer manufacturing process.


There are 5 main engineer manufacturing trades; the list and a brief description of these engineer manufacturing trades are as followed:

  1. Electrical Engineering is a very skilled area of engineer manufacturing to work in. Electrical engineering has risen considerable within the past 3 decades, there are also sub groups of electronics which also include microwave engineering, communications engineering, computer, and digital signal processing. The engineer manufacturing aspects of electrical engineering can be at times complex, the process the engineer has to execute is a delicate and professional procedure.
  2. Chemical Engineering is another skilled sector for the engineering industry, this area deals directly with the full life cycle of a chemicals design, planning and construction of various machines and plants to manufacture items such as Plastics, Dyes, Acids, Drugs & Synthetic rubbers. However to be able to complete area of engineering and pursue a career the engineer must be familiar with both mechanical & chemistry engineering.
  3. Civil Engineering is a very popular area for engineer graduates to pursue a career as it’s an interesting engineer manufacturing process, compared to other trades for engineering in general. A civil engineer is responsible for the general maintenance, construction and implementation of various structures and altering the geographies to meet our human requirements on a daily basis. Areas of this engineer manufacturing process may include buildings, transportation and hydraulic related sector.
  4. Mechanical Engineering is probably one of the most hands on engineer manufacturing processes to understand and deliver. The engineer is responsible for the general construction, design and maintenance of heavy power plants, machines and engines. There are various types of machine designs and specifications which are concerned with the hardware aspects of the process, including using the common practices of different heat processes.
  5. Industrial Engineering is another area which an engineering graduate can pursue a career into. This engineer manufacturing process specifically focuses on management engineering aspects of particular projects. It involves leading a team of engineers to deliver efficient production methods for any given project. It’s mainly linked to analyzing and designing the plant layout as well as the workers duties and responsibilities for a particular area of the engineering project.

Tips and comments

In all areas of Engineering, with a properly managed senior management system in place, it will help deliver a smooth and efficient design or implementation of a variety of different engineering products and services that are available to us in everyday life.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/12/2012
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