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When you say business manufacturing two things come to mind. First is creating (manufacturing) a new business. You can manufacture a business by having a business idea and acting on it. This can be any kind of business you may think of, from services or sales to actually producing goods. Producing goods is actually the second thing that comes to mind when you say manufacturing business. It means that your company produces something. In this article I’m going to talk about both types of business manufacturing.


The second one is the one that takes a product or raw material from the supplier and transforms it in to a product or semi fabricates adding at the same time value. The transformation implies labor and machines that take for example the raw piece of plastic and transforms it in to plastic bags. In the process it adds value to the product. Just think about it this way: would you pay any amount of money for a raw piece o plastic? I think not. But if the same piece of plastic if it’s transformed in to a bag you will pay money for it because you need it. This is what adding value means: transforming a simple material into something of use. This was just a simple example of what a manufacturing business is. The process is usually not that easy and many things in a manufacturing business have to be calculated and optimized. As a manager in such a company you have to think about suppliers, labor, machines, loss, quality, and transportation, everything that has to do with the process from getting the material you need, to transporting to the beneficiary of the products. If you want your business to work every little detail is important if you want to stay in the game. Thoroughly is the main characteristic of a manager in the manufacturing business, the company can’t survive without it.


Business manufacturing can be as I said at the beginning can also mean transforming an idea into reality. It all starts with an idea something that you thought about to bring you profit. Business manufacturing is like making a child. First you have the idea that grows inside your head. Then you get started and act on it. You go to the chamber of commerce and your business is born. You have to tend to it and make it grow. After a while you will see that it requires less attention because now your employees now what to do and you’re manufactured business works. You are proud of it like you would be proud of your child. Sadly some people are so busy with they’re businesses that they forget about their real families.

Tips and comments

Business manufacturing can also be done by other people; there are specially trained business men that you can hire to give you ideas for new business. Consultants for example are making a decent life out of this.

Business manufacturing isn’t what it could be, 90 % of business ideas never see the light of day.

By Leroy Flowers, published at 03/09/2012
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