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Education Requirements For Sales And Marketing Jobs


In these very challenging times, marketing and jobs has a crucial role to play in the success or failure of a business. Marketing professionals, now more than ever before, are needed to monitor changing client and consumer behavior, identify new opportunities and threats, and provide strategic input to successfully guide their companies through the tough times.

In these days of cut throat competition a sales person with the necessary education helps meet all kinds of challenges and ensures the product is well marketed to not only retain its present customers but also attract potential ones. Creativity and thinking out of the box and the right degree will help be ahead of competition and the race.


The right attitude including a ‘never say die’ attitude and communication skills are a must for a successful career in marketing and sales. Education enhances creative and analytical skills that are necessary, as a sales person has to study the market, know about the rival products, do detailed market research and most importantly know to apply all he has learnt while preparing an efficient marketing strategy.

Detailed planning and integrated team effort and campaigns is sure to increase sales and profits. The latest scientific and technological advances has simplified as well as made marketing high tech, so it is important that a marketing and sales person educates himself with web skills and other technical skills.

Apart from all these much needed skills for a marketing career there is an ever growing demand for suitably educated sales persons. The education requirements vary for different marketing and jobs. While certain types of marketing and jobs require specific college degrees others require any college degree.

While a bachelor’s degree in subjects like psychology, sociology, journalism, literature, are useful for jobs in related fields a degree in accounting, economics, finance , math and statistics is more advantageous and preferred for marketing and jobs.


A degree in science subjects is needed for a marketing job in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are looking for a career in the IT industry to market IT products a bachelor’s degree in science subjects or an engineering degree will help secure a good job and help meet targets.

A degree in finance makes a person highly qualified and sought after as an education in finance helps him know about the financial impact of sales and marketing on the company and consumers and also helps him deal effectively with clients.

A masters in business administration is one advanced degree that equips a student with knowledge about the key areas of marketing and jobs. It educates about marketing, finance, strategic planning, human resources public relations and various other aspects that is sure to make an impact on marketing and jobs. This degree is preferred by many employers and it will help a sales person go higher in the company’s hierarchy.

Apart from degrees there are also very useful courses that offer valuable training for sales professionals. There are very specific certification courses that give an added advantage while applying for job.

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The internet undoubtedly is the best place to gather as much information one can about marketing and jobs that will help have a successful career.

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