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The growth of social media networks has fueled the growth of social marketing. Most people want to use all of the tools available to them to generate leads and close a sale. Social media networking is not a fad, but an effective long-term tool to achieving success in this competitive field.

Step 1

There are quite a number of social media networks. There are the large sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, there are also country or language-specific social media websites such as Orkut. The web owner can target a large amount of people for social marketing purposes.

Currently, statistics show that at least 10 percent of the 6 billion people worldwide use social media networks. At least 60 percent of these people are also under 40 years old. A website owner agent can benefit tremendously by engaging customers with whom they can potentially have a long-term business relationship.

Step 2

As an entrepreneur, the old ways of advertising and marketing are not as effective when social media networks allow website owners to reach more people in a short amount of time. Social marketing and media networks allow a web company to be creative. Advertising on the Internet is only limited by a company's level of creativity. It might be a new way of advertising, but the results are quickly seen and easily measured.

Social marketing is all about letting your customers put a face to your name. Instead of compelling consumers to purchase from you, use social media to educate them on why your company is the best in providing products and services.

Step 3

Your company's main website will be competing with other company websites. Most people will only visit your website if it is located within the top 20 search engine results. Web surfers will see different types of products listed when they visit your page, but this does not tell them if your company can be trusted. This brings us to the next step: how to use social marketing and media networks to increase your company's revenue and online presence.

Step 4

*Create a company fan page
*Provide a "Q & A" section on your website
*Create a social media application
*Upload educational company videos
*Network with other website owners
*Upload company photos of directors
*Provide a newsletter to generate leads
*Write information about helpful topics
*Create a blog with updates on social media

Step 5

Social marketing allows the creation of fan pages or even special promotions. By creating social media pages that generate enough interest, you can have a large amount of web users visiting your site. The difference between other marketing methods and social media is the use of information to draw visitors. Most of the people using these networks do not want the "hard sell." Instead, they are online looking for information to solve a problem. By using a social media company page to educate them, they will see you as an authority and will trust your company. These consumers will go to you first when they need products or services. This is the ultimate sales benefit of using social media marketing for the website owner.


*Create a product page discussing products and services.

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By SLD Clarke, published at 03/01/2012
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