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How to train for social services jobs

Published at 01/17/2012 04:57:04


Jobs social related are all about service to the community. A social worker is one who works with people and helps them manage their daily lives. This might be in way of helping them access health care, adapt to disability, or access government  or legal assistance .Proper training is required to deal with a large and complex society such as the one we live in. The following are some of the steps to prepare you properly for a jobs social related position.

Step 1

Obtain a degree 

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for entry into a jobs social related position. However, a master’s degree is the standard for positions in health and clinical work. Administrative and supervisory positions also require an advanced degree. Most universities offer these courses and flexible learning hours such as evening classes for those that hold jobs or other responsibilities during the day.

Choose a specialty 

Social service is a wide field accommodating different interests each requiring special training. Master's degree programs prepare graduates for a jobs social position in their chosen field of concentration. Some majors can be such as those in sociology and psychology. This way, skills are developed to manage caseloads or take up supervisory roles, depending on which field one chooses.


Internship is good way to get the much needed experience. Emerging yourself into a jobs social environment helps one learn how to handle responsibility, work independently, and maintain a good working relationship with clients and coworkers. This also helps build your resume and opens up opportunities for future employment.

Step 2

Volunteer experience 

Giving yourself to the service of others is a very noble thing .For a social worker he or she should be emotionally mature, and sensitive to people and their problems. Most of these cannot be learnt in a classroom except from an interaction with real people and real issues. Volunteering gives you such an experience.Programs like, crisis hot lines for suicide intervention, homeless shelters for families all give a feel of a jobs social hands on experience.

Continuous training

Social workers are expected to keep up with trends in changing behaviours in the society . Go up to post graduate training and get additional courses in administration and business.This keeps you relevant and practical in whatever Jobs social related issues come your way.


For those who feel that therapy is a field they would be interested to pursue, licensing enables a social worker to perform one on one counseling with a variety of clients. To be fully licensed by the state ,it requires that one has up to two years of supervised and clinical social work.

Step 3


Plenty of referrals only take place in cases of exceptional performance by the social worker. Try  to always give the best in both your academic work as well as handling cases on the ground .A network of contacts for referrals is essential as it builds up your credibility and as such your career. Good referrals come in handy even in cases of envisioning a private practice sometime in the future. 

Ethics and values

The moral standing of a social worker must be exceptionally high. This is because, dealing with people requires that they are able to trust you with their lives and feel safe when you are on their case. To do this, your integrity must never be in question.


Jobs social related or to be a social worker, you need to possess a special set of skills. You must have the urge to care for other people and work closely with them to improve their places in society. It is important to understand that this work can be very demanding and emotionally challenging but very fulfilling too.


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