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Benefits Of Office Administration


Office administration is basically a process of overlooking and managing the daily work tasks and operations of an office. Usually the manager or an office administrator has the responsibility to handle the daily tasks of the office administration. It is the most important and strong pillar of an organization. Without these tasks and responsibilities, no company or office can stand.

These are really essential for an individual or organization as they create an urge of sense of responsibility and help in the growth and success of a company. There are a lot of benefits in office administration, for instance, the office administration emphasize punctuality and discipline for every individual employee.


All the employees come on time and complete their required task in the given time frame. Now surely this will have a great impact on the quality of the work. The tasks and responsibility will always be completed in time and there will be no more rush for anything. Office administration has to supervise the office staff and make sure that each of the employees has the required resources for the completion of the duty they are assigned for. By doing this the employee will always be happy in performing their duties and will even perform them well as they’ll have all the necessary resources, and it will lead to a quality task.


The office administration has to respond to unusual problems, which often arise during the completion of an assigned task. Now this will help in encouraging them, and they will try to give their full effort to the assigned work, and it will be done more effectively. Office administration is responsible for conducting an evaluation of employees and assigning raises and/or bonuses.

Providing the employee with necessary remedial training as this will helps to improve their relationship with the employers. The most important benefit of office administration is that it manages and supports the employees and makes sure that the office always has the required resources that should be needed to remain productive and stable in the market. Related to this, they prepare the budget of the office and assign the operations to the responsible person as this will reduce the complexity of the work load and will affect the completion of that duty in a good manner.

This assignment of work is done according to the prepared budget. In budget, they also have to put up request for any new furniture, machine, paper or any other office supplies required for office use. There may cause some damage to the office property, so the office administration has to submit request for the repairs too. Now there is another benefit of having office administration as they ensure that the employees work in the office possess the required experience in what work task they are assigned in. This lead to two important things, the duties assigned to them could be taken back and assigned to the responsible person, and the second is they should not be given the advantage of doing this task. In this way, the office can save money and time instead of wasting it to someone who’s not capable enough.

Tips and comments

Becoming part of an office administration isn’t an easy task. Many organization prefer to promote someone from inside the company rather getting from outside which means if someone who had started his carrier from an entry level position should be given a necessary training and then should join the as a part of office administration.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/12/2012
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