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Univerisity Administration Office Duties


University administration office duties include the responsibility of everyday activities on campus. Their title varies depending on their responsibilities; some are responsible for administrative duties which include ceremonies activities and others are responsible for academic or alumni duties. Their education majors will also vary but most have a bachelor’s degree.


University administration office work titles include provosts. Provosts select new teaching faculty and are included in the professor tenure decision process. They may also be involved in creating budgets and policies and overseeing deans and chairpersons.

An academic lead administration office job includes evaluating programs and curriculum, counseling students along with monitoring student’s progress. They must be able to create courses, have well rounded communication and writing skills and have the ability to manage a budget.


A dean’s responsibility includes overseeing student admissions along with activities that have an impact on students such as health, housing and career choice.

Chairpersons are responsible for a particular academic area and normally will be responsible for class schedules, professor assignments and locating new applicants when necessary for any open teaching position. They are also involved in evaluations.

Another administration office job is directors of development. Their duties consist of helping to raise funds for their own academic area or the university in general.

Administration office workers come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Most begin as professors in their academic school or department. Others start off as a dean or chairperson so they normally have master’s degrees and most have a doctoral degree. Another path is to start off as a staff employee in admissions, student’s affairs or financial aid. Once employed as a staff the University for offer tuition reimbursement for obtaining a higher education. Most pursues degrees in leadership, politics, law or finance.

The working conditions for an administration office worker is normally non hazardous but may be on the stressful side. Administrator position carries a lot of responsibility to the students along with the ability to get along with the faculty. Most put in at least forty hour weeks and then are required to join in on the school spirit and attend university events such as football games, fund raisers and others. These events occur during the evenings, holidays and on weekends. Administrators are also known for having to meet with parents and other business leaders in the community.

Administrator position normal median annual salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was around $80,670 in 2008 while in the private sector it ranged around $50,000.The higher salary top out around $160,500 and the lowest salary was around $45,050. These salaries do not include other benefits such as health, vacation, free tuition for family members and a nice pension.


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The job growth is at a slower rate than other jobs according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predict that administration office positions for school administrators will increase by 2 percent from 2008 through 2018 although school enrollment will increase. Most jobs will come from administrators who are retiring.

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