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Advantages Of Small Businesses


Most people begin small in their entrepreneurship efforts and gradually grow their businesses. Small businesses have a lot of advantages that are often overlooked in pursuit of bigger ventures. The advantages of small businesses make them attractive to most people who recognize the benefits of beginning small and growing with time.


Most individuals might think that small businesses are likely to lose the fight with bigger ventures in price wars; however this is not always true. All the small business need to do is dig in deeper for the long haul and they can survive any onslaught brought by the larger businesses. Small businesses often find it rough going for competing with big businesses, if they can avoid those they will be assured of consistent growth.

There are many tactics that small businesses can use when confronted by bigger ventures intending to crush them and steal their business. One of the tactics that small businesses can focus on is offering some aspect of services that are completely unique to what the big business is offering. One of the things that the small businesses can focus on is quality and services against the big venture which might not be able to offer their customers the same due to their big size. Focusing on the weaknesses of the big business is a sure way of being certain that you will succeed in your efforts as a small enterprise.

Advantages of Small businesses

The following are some of the outright advantages that small businesses have:

  • Better bonding with clients
  • More bonding with co-workers
  • Less cost and expense
  • Less operating overhaeds.
  • Fewer problems to deal with.
  • Quick decision making
  • Faster to get things done and make modifications
  • Easier to operate.

Small businesses have distinct advantages that large ventures don’t have; an example might suffice to illustrate this. Big businesses can be compared to a big truck which carries goods on transit; the truck has size to its advantage as it can drive through rougher terrain unlike a smaller saloon car which would have a hard time in such terrain. The truck can transport huge loads at a give time while the saloon car can only carry so much; however the smaller car has certain advantages the giant truck doesn’t have. Incase of danger the truck would take decades before responding to it but not the smaller car which would respond instantly. The saloon car has speed and agility to its advantage and it must use that to outdo the larger truck at all times.

Small businesses are like small athlete competing against bigger stronger rivals. The smaller athlete can outrun the bigger stronger athlete if only they can dodge them and outrun the larger rivals. Whenever small businesses attempt to go head to head with bigger businesses they always lose big as the playing field is not level and the odds are likely to be tilted against the smaller venture.

Tips and comments

As a small businessman one must be a step ahead of the big rival’s completion and use your strength against their weaknesses. Big businesses find it quite hard to be efficient however much their try, however small businesses can be as efficient as they choose to be. This means that wasting of valuable resources must be completely eliminated so as to harness every resource available in the venture.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/23/2012
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