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In this time of financial recession, there is a need that more than one persons of the family should work in order to run the financial circle of the family in a better way and to cope up with the expenses of the family. Recently, it was very common that only one person of the family was an earning hand of the whole family. Nevertheless, the situation is quite different presently. Now days it is quite difficult for the family to cater their expenses, by depending upon the single earning, so women have jumped into the different fields of earnings. Women are basically deemed as housewives, but now due to the inflations and increased expenses women have to work, in order to enhance the earning capability of the family. Women can enter into many professional fields, but all fields are not good for the women to handle because of many social issues. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean that women should not work. They can run many small businesses. The small businesses, that housewives can handle, differ from woman to woman, depending upon the qualifications and the skills they have. Small businesses for the housewives who are on low grades of literacy might be sewing of clothes, designing the clothes, making food for canteen etc. However, I am supposed to discuss about the best small business that a housewife can cater without compromising her other responsibilities of home. I would prefer ‘Content writing’ for the housewives. Now, let’s discuss some pros and cons of this small business of content writing for the housewives.


There are many points that go in the favor of this Small business. The most remote point that I consider is, the content writing resolves the social security issue that women usually face by working at the places other than their own home, as they would work at home. In this way there is a very less probability that women will be subjugated or molested. Plus, it removes the tension from the mind of their husbands, who would be worried about their security if their wives work outside the home. Housewives have to cater with the routine matters of the family like cooking, cleaning, washing and looking after the children. This small business of content would eradicate this issue as women would stay at home. If housewives would go for this small business of content writing, then there is less likely to be a timing issue, as there would be no need of following strict timing covenants. Different patches of time can be spared from the whole day in which the work can be executed.


Now, the cons may be, if the housewives are not so much literate and having a less exposure of the content that they need to write, then it is problematic for the housewives to go for the best small business that is deem good for the housewives.


However internet is the basic utility of these days and this issue can be resolved easily by surfing the web. Secondly, housewives may not be able to spare some time for content writing. Even I don’t consider it a remote issue. This can be minimized by the segregation of the duties that housewives usually perform. So, after having all the above discussion, I conclude that the best small business which the housewives can carry on without having much trouble is ‘Content Writing’.

By John, published at 02/11/2012
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the Best Small Business For Housewives. 4 of 5 based on 14 votes.