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10 Amazing Tips For Server Small Business


Many small businesses form a very important part in the global business. These small businesses generate new jobs and offer employment and helps best to keep the economy going. For most of them to work perfectly, server small business operating systems have been developed. Most of the businesses software applications run on company servers and it gives the staff members a central location to access the basic information and business needs. The software can be, CRM software, file systems, payroll systems, ERP, human resource accounting amongst many other that the business can’t run without.

Step 1

The first server small business tip is to determine the size of your business. If your business has 20 or less computers running on a windows platform, then you can use a normal desktop PC as your server. In this case the server pc will be acting as your shared hard drive and you can’t set different security set of rules or connectivity protocols for different files. This pc server will accomplish all that server small business computer system will do.

Step 2

A company or business can have its facilities hosted on a virtual online server or a dedicated server. This means hiring a company to manage all the server small business applications and files on behalf of your business. This means that you will not require a large team to manage your IT infrastructure.

Step 3

Another server small business important tip is to create mailboxes. The server small business system has an administration console that lets you create users and even mailboxes simultaneously. There is definitely no importance of opening active directory users and workstations or even the exchange shell or console.

Step 4

You will also need to get a certificate using the server small business certificate wizard. This is very important since it will allow other people to send emails to your server .you can also register a different domain name from the internal one and have the emails sent to that one instead.

Step 5

An additional tip that can be learnt is that you must configure your DNS very perfectly. Under the DNS setting that you want to configure, you have to think about a host record that will point to your routers external internet protocol address. This will enable your port forwarding to your server small business setting.

Step 6

Another essential tip to be remembered is to configure a smart host. This is basically a link between the server that your email and sends it out from a different location. Some internet service providers offer the smart service and you can do the inquiry. A smart host enables other domains to send emails to your server small business emails and clients. One major difference is that server small business lacks the aptitude to use high availability in the database availability groups. This is because it is a single server employment that was fabricated from windows server 2008.

Step 7

One important fact that must be remembered is the understanding where server small business and the exchange capabilities are different. Both of them are very identical, with the similar exchange management console, shells and almost similar features.

Step 8

When configuring your server small business, make sure to have multiple redundancies. This mean that the server having two hard drives that resemble each other .this allows onsite and offsite back up and also a surety that your backup data is preserved.

Step 9

You will also need to configure the server small business data every night. This ensures that not more than a day’s data can be lost just incase of a disaster.

Step 10

You must also not host your email or calendars on the server small business. This enables you to be safe from malware and viruses that may be downloaded accidentally through email. If your server crashes, then you might not be able to access thee mails or the calendars.

By Hannah, published at 02/21/2012
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