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How To Partner With Microsoft As a Small Business


Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the computer industry. This is a company which made computers affordable for the common man. There is a huge reputation for this company all around the world for being what they are today. Microsoft is now putting many plans and visions forward to make other businesses grow. They are also providing many courses for students to mould a better world of professionals. Microsoft small business partner program is one such plan developed by Microsoft to help small businesses find more business.

Step 1

According to Microsoft, the main goal of the Microsoft small business partner program is to create new opportunities for the small businesses. Once you become a Microsoft small business partner, you will be able to enter new business domains. The business will be offered with new and upcoming technologies from Microsoft.

Step 2

As a Microsoft small business partner, you will also be provided with more technical expertise and the employees will have many opportunities to learn and grow with Microsoft. When it comes to connecting with the customers, Microsoft small business partnership helps the business to connect well with them using the digital online market space. Once a member of Microsoft small business partner program, you can work with Microsoft and in association with other partner companies to expand your business.

Step 3

Once you purchase a Microsoft small business partner subscription, you will be able to access different resources like cloud services, development tools support services and many other Microsoft services. You will also be able to interact with the experts working at Microsoft to share ideas and learn new things.

Step 4

Once you have proven yourself of having capabilities in marketing and building business, you can qualify as a small business specialist. There are two competency levels in Microsoft small business partner program. They are silver and gold competency.

Step 5

If the business is under any of the two subscriptions, then you can utilize services like technical advisory services. This guides the business in the field of training, presales, delivery support etc. The company will also receive a logo creator tool which can be used to build a logo for the company with Microsoft extension.


There are different types of subscriptions which a business can purchase being a part of the Microsoft small business partner program. The subscriptions range from buying the advisory hours to buying the whole license. After you become a part of the small business program, the growth of the business will be evident with so many Microsoft resources at your access.


The advices from Microsoft experts, the services like Microsoft cloud services and technical presales services etc help you to build on the business. You will be able to find new customer bases. With the help of expert services, you will be able to make the customers happy and retain a lot of existing customers. Even by joining name of Microsoft with your small business, it will earn you a lot of potential customers all from different sectors of business.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/08/2012
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