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5 Small Startup Business Ideas


The idea of a small startup business begins with a plan. You need to ensure that customers will select your business. Some types of small startup business require a formal education. For example, you can act as a financial planner. A planner needs a combination of training and education, such as bachelors in finance. Moreover, you may need to have a license from your home state. The license gives customers peace of mind that you can handle their finances and make quality decisions for them. If you desire a full-time schedule as a financial planner, you must be reasonable about getting customers with a marketing plan.

Begin a chip dip mix company as a small startup business. According to MySmallBiz, a chip dip mix is bags, which have dried herbs and spices with a creamy mixture. These dips can go on pork rinds and potato chips. You can sell these chip dips mixes at different locations, ranging from fairs to craft shows. There are small startup business benefits with chip dips. The dips are not hard-selling items because your customers may sample before purchase. Moreover, if you need flexible hours, work on the weekends around your family responsibilities and other obligations.


Offer services as a yoga instructor for small startup business and earns money. Many people are becoming concerned with their health and wellness. They want ways to relax and engage in a form of exercise. You can meet this growing demand. You must have training to become a yoga instructor. Once you complete training, decide whether you will have students in a home environment or studio. As a small startup business, you can determine your work hours and schedule students. In the beginning, it may take time to get enough students. Market your yoga instructor business every week.

Work as a baby nursery room designer for a small business option. Some expecting parents have no idea how to make their newborn's room welcoming. They may feel uncomfortable hire you for the job. If you have prior experience in interior design, you can concentrate on nurseries. You should market your baby's nursery business via other interior designers who do not handle nurseries. For this type of business, having a brochure should create interest in your services. Parents want to see how other nurseries looked before making a hiring decision. Your brochure should showcase 4 or more baby nurseries in different sizes.



Provide computer repairs as small startup business. While many households have a least one computer, few people know how to repair it. If you can fix computers well, you may be able to earn an income. This can be a part-time business, which allows you to visit different homes. The key to success involves making sure computer customers know about your repair business. The easier way is having an advertisement in the telephone book. Many people still use their phone books to look for service professionals. In addition, give out repair business cards to potential customers. A computer store is a good option for business cards.

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MySmallBiz: Dip Mix Business Idea

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