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Small Business: Windows Programs For Small Business Computers


The business world is becoming more competitive every day. To keep up with the competitors while also increasing the performance and profit of your business, you need to adopt the efficiency of modern technologies. If you have started a small business, one of the primary requirements is to have fully functional and reliable computer systems, regardless the nature of your business.

New versions of Windows are coming onto the market with more productive management programs. These programs are quite helpful to organize your data and to contribute a great deal of success in your small business. We will introduce you to some useful small business Windows programs that come handy. These small business Windows applications help in managing a database and financial records with the best efficiency.

Step 1

Microsoft Office is the most popular small business Windows program. It is multipurpose and used by all kinds of people and in businesses. Its famous application, effective in a small business, is Microsoft Excel which is a commercial spreadsheet thay is highly preferable for statistical and financial purposes. It can display data as line graphs, histograms and charts. It is also used for sorting out data with excellence.

Step 2

Microsoft Outlook, one of the Microsoft Office applications, is often used primarily for email. It’s a highly recommended email application in the small business windows to organize bulk of random tasks with its simple and helpful tools like calendar, contact manager, a task manager and reminders. You can follow up important emails according to your afterward accessibility.

Step 3

Microsoft SQL server has become significant in small business Windows programs to increase a business’ productivity. A reliable relational database management system's chief purpose is to store and retrieve data. Data backups are essential to all large and small businesses in case of any possible trouble. Microsoft SQL server works in all recent Windows version and it is very easy to use for access or reassemble data in many different ways.

Step 4

Microsoft BizTalk Server is influential windows business process management program that enables companies to assimilate computerized business processes in an efficient manner. It is used to exchange variety of business documents. BizTalk incorporates with other Microsoft products and enables its user to model documents with XML schemas and graphical modeling of progression in Visual Studio. It has many versions, available for different versions of Windows.

Step 5

Microsoft Small Business Financials is one of the best business related software used for accounting purpose. Small businesses need to manage financial records and budgets. This software provides more facilities than a basis accounting software, and recommended in small business Windows.


Skype is a widely used software that is used for communication and sharing purposes. Recently, it has been used greatly in online businesses for team meetings and video conferences. Files can be shared on Skype. Also, the computer screen can be shared through its “share screens” tool to explain work to the other person in the end of the line.


Small businesses have limited budgets. In order to reduce expenses and get best productive result, the owners look for smart alternatives which can fulfill their requirements in limited money. We have introduced some of very popular and efficient Windows small business programs that are cheap easily available to download.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/21/2012
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Small Business: Windows Programs For Small Business Computers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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