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Windows Small Business Server or SBS is defined as an integrated server suite manufactured by the Microsoft Company. Windows Small Business Server is designed for the purpose of executing network infrastructure of small-sized as well as medium-sized enterprises. This server suite suits all enterprises that do not have over seventy five users or workstations. One can use Windows Small Business to get internet access as well as for intranet management. Earlier, SBS was known as Microsoft Small Business Server. It is said that the SBS is better than the classic Windows Server, even though it may be pricier than the latter. Given below are some tips for those who use SBS:

Step 1

Tip 1: Before you look for Windows Small Business Server for yourself, you should first find out the type of hosting required. You can choose between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The more cost effective option out of the two would be shared hosting since dedicated hosting service calls for a personalized server.

Step 2

Tip 2: It is advisable to keep the factor ‘bandwidth’ in mind when you are shopping around for a Windows Small Business Server. Bandwidth is the total amount of downloadable data for a period of one month. If your website is not that big then a bandwidth of 1 GB is recommended. This would suffice when it comes to handling all data concerns. However if your website requires larger bandwidth sizes then you should opt for those. It is important to know the approximate amount of data your website requires, this way you won’t be overpaying or underpaying for your server.

Step 3

Tip 3: Although Windows Small Business Server has a great reputation, some of its providers may not. Therefore before you purchase your server suite from a particular provider, you have to ensure that he/she is trustworthy. A good reputation is mandatory in this situation lest one would receive poor services. To check the reputation of the provider you can ask the people you know for their comments on the same or you can go online and do a bit of research.


Tip 4: To avoid having a raw deal with your Windows Small Business Server provider you must be very clear in your head as to whether you will require database or not. The answer to this question is partially influenced by the type of website you own. If your website is a forum or a shopping site then you are going to require a database. If you need database then you will have to look for SBS providers who can get this service for you.

Tip 5: Purchasing a Windows Small Business Server definitely isn’t a small task, it is an important one. It is advisable to consider the storage capacity of the same before you purchase it. If your website is very large and has high definition pictures then you are going to require large storage capacity. Thus, it definitely pays to obtain accurate information about the storage requirements of your website before you decide to zero in on a Windows Small Business Server provider for it.


By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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