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How To Sell And Buy a Car


Thousands of cars get sold year in year out; however, this year particularly has been tough for both buyers and sellers. With the economic crisis and the gas prices going through the roof, car sell and buy has become more of an expense to the majority. However, with the right information and tips one can easily sell or buy a car at quite a fair price.

Step 1

When selling a car, one has to prepare it. This means having the necessary repairs made, cleaning the car up and adding a coat of paint to improve the look. The point of this all is to attract buyers. When a potential buyer sees the car, the first impression counts a lot. If the car is dirty, the buyer will automatically assume that it is also old and neglected even if it is in perfect condition. To avoid this, preparation of the car is essential in any car sell and buy.

Step 2

The next step in car sell and buy is then to decide the pricing of the car. If the price is put too high up, it might discourage the buyers especially with the current economic crisis as mentioned earlier. If the price is set up too low, the seller will also be losing money. To set the price according to the condition of the car is most advisable. After the price has been set up, the seller can then decide either to sell it to a dealer who will buy the car at a price that is close to the retail price or an individual who, according to your negotiation skills, can bring a much higher price or lower.

Step 3

After finding the buyer of your choice, one can then close the car sell and buy deal by sealing the deal. Closing the deal entails much haggling and bargaining between the seller and the buyer so as for both to get a price that is favorable. In the event that a price is settled upon the deal is set and the car is sold.

Step 4

In the case of buying a car however, one has to decide what they really need from the car. Will it be for long travel? Will it be for family use only? These questions determine the type of car that you will settle for at the end. The first step in this car sell and buy situation is to find out where to get the cars.

Step 5

For this, there are several options. One can search online where he or she will get a number of dealers, each with different prices. The other option is to buy from an individual who wishes to sell of a car. The latter is usually more advisable in any car sell and buy as the price one gets for the car depends on the negotiation skills of the buyer. The dealer on the other hand will offer a good price but it is up for the buyer to locate a good dealer which may take some time.


After the buyer investigates the car and confirms that it is in good condition, the seller can then close the deal by settling on a price. If the buyer agrees to it, the deal is closed. The car sell and buy process is over and payment is made on the agreed terms and the buyer now owns the car.

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