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Published at 02/06/2012 20:01:48


Are you planning to buy used cars or a car? If yes then make sure that you buy the right one because buying a used car can be risky. You should try to figure out why the owner of the car is trying to sell the car. If you are trying to buy a used car through a car dealer, then test drive the car and check its internal components.

Step 1

When you decide to buy used cars or a car, make sure to test as well as check it through a qualified car mechanic. Always try to buy used cars or a car through an authorized car dealer. Authorized car dealers provide service warranty on every used car they sell.

These days, car manufacturers certify their used car to make people believe in the used car. The used car market has become very huge all over the world and this is the precise reason why manufacturers have become very smart and they are certifying their used car models and selling them through their authorized car dealers.

To buy used cars you need to understand the technical aspect and dynamics of a car. You should be able to understand the throughput of the used car while test driving it. You have to understand the engine specification and how powerful the engine of the used car is.

Step 2

You should always try to buy used cars which are certified because certified cars are thoroughly tested by the manufacturers before selling them. Certified cars come with warranty period which helps the dealers to sell such used cars. Normally, when we buy used cars through an individual or a car dealer we don’t get warranty on such car but certified cars are really very good option for those looking for used car.

When you buy used cars you should thoroughly check the engine. As a layman, before buying a used car from an individual make sure to get it thoroughly checked through an expert car technician. You should check the control module of the engine. You also need to check the exhaust gasket, pipe and manifold.

Step 3

Before you buy used cars you should also check the fuel pump and filter. You should also test the fog light and the front shock absorber of the car. You need to check the fuel tank for any leakage and also the fuel pressure regulator before buying a used car. There are many components inside a car and you need to check it when you buy a used car from an individual or a local car dealer.

When you buy used cars also check the power steering. You should also check the pump, hose, reservoir and pump pulley of the power steering. Before you buy a used car, always check the radiator and its hose, fan as well as its cap.


It is better to buy a certified used car because for such certified cars you don’t have to check each and every component. Certified cars are sold by the manufacturer through its authorized dealers and such used cars come with warranty period. Dealers also provide loan for certified used cars.