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How To Buy Cars Used

Published at 02/06/2012 16:23:19


Used car market has grown tremendously in last decade. People now have become very smart and they are now investing in used cars because used cars are very cost effective. To buy cars used, you need to take some factors in consideration. Though used cars provide better option but one should have knowledge about cars to judge whether it is good or bad.

Many people dream of having their own car but they can’t afford because new cars are very costly. Some people like to drive different car models after every six to 12 months, so for them buying a used car and selling it to get another one is a very good option.

Step 1

Make a decision

Before you buy cars used, decide which car model you want. You can get your dream machine at a very low price when you buy a used car which otherwise is not possible for many people because new cars are very costly.

Track a dealer

Track an authorized dealer in your city for the car model that you want. To buy cars used through an authorized dealer is beneficial in many ways because such dealers provide authorized maintenance source. Authorized dealers provide free servicing for at least six months.

Step 2

Buy a certified car

If you want to buy cars used then always try to buy a certified used car because such cars are rigorously tested by the manufacturer and than it is certified for sale. Buying certified car has advantage because manufacturer provides one year warranty on certain parts and you also get free maintenance for one year period.

Test drive it

First of all, test-drive the car that you have selected. Make sure the car is working perfectly on the road and check if it is providing the estimated mileage.

Step 3

Check the engine

Test the engine during the test drive and also see how much power it generates. The engine should be in good condition. Take some knowledgeable person with you when you buy cars used.

Check the accessories

You should check various accessories inside the car. Check if the car has audio system and air-conditioner. Also check if the car has tinted glass and wind-shield. There are many other accessories which you should check-out and than start to bargain on its price.

Overall condition

Check the overall condition of the car before you buy cars used. Before you make the payment, check the entire body of the car from outside and inside. Check the seats, tires, lights and other things before you buy cars used.


Nowadays, used cars are purchased by many people, all across the globe. Buying a used car gives you option to sell it whenever you want so that you can try out another model. Always do some research on the car that you are trying to buy because it will help you to know what to expect from a used car model. Also check the actual price of the new car and than decide if the quoted price for the used car model is reasonable or not. Always try to bargain on the price that has been quoted for the used car.