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the Best Cars To Buy For a Family


Every family seeks comfort and luxury besides class. Cars have evolved in to various shapes and makes, hence allow individuals to have a wide range of choice in terms of what to buy. The cars to buy for a family should be well spaced and elegant. Comfort must be a priority when making such a choice. Most families prefer to buy cars that are relaible in terms of performance, besides speed and cost of purchase. Below are some of the best cars to buy for your family.

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The Volkswagen Tourane 1.9 TDI S

The Volkswagen Tourane 1.9 TDI S car may be considered old school but it still ranks among the best cars to buy. The car is specious and designed to carry a large capacity. The space is enough for your whole family plus the kid’s favourite pest. Despite space the car is comfortable and provides some of the coolest environments. The seats are cosy with a powered steering. Though costly, the car offers some of the best in terms of performance and fuel consumption. This is one of the best cars to buy.

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Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi

This is one of the best cars to buy. The car manufacturers had comfort had power in mind, hence giving this car of a strong diesel engine. The Skoda Octavia is well spaced and can comfortably accommodate 5 people plus a family pet. This is classic car to buy and though it has a low price, it offers an exemplary performance. The ambience provided by this car reflects the comfort in the Boeing aircrafts. This car has a good speed and offers great performance. Fuel consumption not too high makes it cost effective for the family.

Step 3

Toyota Prius

Toyota prius comes in various tastes and models. The car is cosy and offers some of the best and elegant comforts zone. The car has an average engine size that goes up to 1.8 VVT-IT4. The engine makes little noise and runs gently hence erasing any feeling of discomfort that may arise and awake the sleeping baby or cause headache to the family. The car is safe and experiences little breakdowns since the assemblers gave it high quality assemblies. If you have a large family, then this is the car to get.

Land Rover Discovery 4x4 TDV6 S

The land rover discovery is also a classic and cosy cars to buy. The car is suitable for large families since it is spacious and very comfortable. The car can allow up to 7 persons and is very luxurious. The car has foldable seats that make one of the most flexible cars to buy in the industry.

The car engine has a good consumption capacity making it cost effective and easy to maintain. The car also experiences very few breakdowns as it has high quality and easy to maintain spare parts. If you are looking for a sense of class and prestige for your family, then here is the car.

Renault Modus 1.2 Expression

Renault Modus 1.2 takes the 5th lead among the cars to buy. This car comes with classic seats capable of accommodating up to 5 people. The car is cheap and easily affordable by any family. The engine maintenance is low and consumption low as well making it one of eh most cost effective family cars to buy. The car has a cute boot chute which opens towards the floor making it appear classic and easily accessible making it a prestigious cars to buy.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/29/2012
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the Best Cars To Buy For a Family. 4 of 5 based on 12 votes.