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Cars are a beautiful architect of complex engineering and technology. Right from the steam engine cars to the present hydrogen fueled cars, these machines have greatly changed the life of humans as we see it today. Just like a human being needs proper care in order for his immune system to work cohesively, he needs to look out for his health, proper diet and exercise and sometimes despite all this one needs medication to recover from any illness or disease or injury. Cars are no different from human in this way. They also need proper care and look after, cars tuning help to ensure this. Cars tuning help to ensure that we get the maximum from our car in terms of performance and useful life.


The car industry has been greatly revolutionized since its inception. Due to the rapid development of information technology these days, the production of cars is carried out at very high level of expertise. Focusing on the best fuel efficiency, high performance and minimizing the effect of pollution. These days in markets one can almost find every type of cars, from the old humongous v-8 engines to the smallest car in the world which has a two cylinder engine, equivalent to the size of outboard motor. No matter what car you own depending on your choice and needs, a car is still after all a piece of machinery and like any other machinery, over use of time wear and tear occurs. And in order to run smoothly cars tuning is essential for it.


Cars tuning basically means to enhance the overall performance of the engine tune it fine, install new parts like air filter, checking oil and if needed new engine oil, tuning clutch plates, checking wheel alignment and sometimes checking the axles and suspension too. On a wider scale, car tuning also includes modifying the car according to the user own needs and requirements. Since an average car is designed to meet the need of ordinary daily life use, some driver my personalize them according to their needs, for instance, changing the suspension or adjusting the fuel consumption or augmenting the engine power or using modern high-tech devices, which can alter the engine output by sending signals to the engine control unit. Another method is called ‘chip tuning’ since most of the cars these days use chips to monitor the engine performance, altering the programming of these chips can give the user the liberty to change the performance of an engine to one’s own needs. Cars tunings also involve the customizing the overall appearance and outlook of the car. These days, people do use a number of things like installing body kits, spoilers, hoods, vinyl, which gives whole new look to the car. Sometimes, racers get rid of parts, which help them in turn to shed some weight and increase the performance of the car.

Tips and comments

Owing a car is indeed a blessing in a way, and over time a family somehow develops an emotional bond with it too, the time they spent, there family outings and all the memorable events which are somehow linked with the car. But it is equally important that we take proper caution while driving it. Cars tuning is also very necessary in order to safe and smooth running of it. It is also recommended to visit any workshops that excel in cars tuning and have a thorough check up of it. Tire replacement and engine over hauling also become a need after a pro longed use. Take care of your car like it takes care of you in many ways; drive safe.

By Amara, published at 03/15/2012
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