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The Best Gasoline For Hybrid Cars


Hybrid cars can run both on gas and electric power and they are not very complicated. If you add an electric motor or rechargeable batteries to the regular gas engine, you’ll notice that the efficiency will increase by 50%. Switching between the electric power and gas is very simple, because the onboard computer does it for you.

Hybrid cars are more efficient

Size matters when it comes to reducing pollution or saving money at the gas pumps. The weight of a vehicle is the most important determinant for fuel efficiency and hybrid cars win at this chapter. The heavier the car, the more power it needs leaving you with a hole in your wallet sometimes. If you choose a “right-size” vehicle from the start, you will be ahead of the fuel economy.

Before buying a car, you should take a minute and think about why you drive your car. For instance:

- Do you use your car only to go to work and get back home?

- Do you have another car and use this one to make quick trips around town?

- How many people ride with you in the car every day?

These are only a few questions you should ask yourself when buying a car. The answers to these questions might lead you to hybrid cars if you are looking for fuel efficiency.

Are hybrid cars worth it?

This is a question that many ask when it comes to buying hybrid cars. Many people are very interested in gas usage because gas price reached record limits, growing 250% in the past ten years. Gas friendly hybrid cars have become very popular nowadays, but do they justify the price tags? After a thorough investigation, analysts claim that it takes too long for hybrid cars to make up for the cost difference.

For example, Honda Civic Hybrid seems to be the most attractive car among the best valued hybrid cars. The problem is that it takes around 6 years to make up for the cost difference regarding gas savings. Another popular hybrid is Toyota Prius, said to have the best fuel mileage. Analysts claim that after around 13 years you’ll be able to benefit from gas savings. There are extra electronics installed in a hybrid car, making it more expensive than regular cars and it will cost you much more maintaining it.


Best hybrid cars

Even if Honda and Toyota are the big dogs in the hybrid car market, every other manufacturer also designed its own model. Here are a few of the best rated hybrids so far:

- 2012 Infiniti M Hybrid: a luxury sedan with amazing driver assistance features (price - $53,700);

- 2011 Chevrolet Volt: provides a comfortable ride and requires almost no gas for a regular week (price - $40,280);

- 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: a high tech cruiser with useful cabin electronics and impressive body styling (price: $25,795);

- 2011 Lexus CT 200h: it has a sporty appearance but it is built for fuel economy and not for speed.


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