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What You Need To Know About Hybrid Vehicles


The principle of using two or more different power sources to drive a vehicle is the concept behind hybrid vehicles. The combination of one internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors are used in hybrid electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles also include two wheeled vehicles like motorcycles, electric bicycles and more. In these vehicles power is delivered through internal combustion engine or electric motor. Hybrid vehicles which were introduced in early years they worked on the same principle as on which today's hybrid vehicles work. Human and motor power is mechanically applied on the pedal to drive train or at the back or the front wheel.


Heavy vehicles like railway locomotives, buses, big goods carrying vehicles, mobile hydraulic machinery, and ships uses diesel electricity or turbo electricity for running these hybrid vehicles. Most of the heavy vehicles have no or very little energy storage, except nuclear submarines. Auxiliary batteries and hydraulic accumulators are the examples of such hybrid vehicles. One or more electric or hydraulic motors are driven by some typical form of heat engines. When we are doing multiple drives then distributing power through wires and pipes is more advantageous rather than using mechanical elements especially. Double conversion usually takes power consumption and huge loss of power when we use electricity to drive electric or hydraulic motor. In case of large vehicles conventional loss typically reduces when size is decreased. So we can conclude that large vehicles have more advantages over small vehicles.


British people are making tests on hybrid vehicles which are running on diesel electric power unit with battery storage to utilize this in Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes. The work of loading and unloading is usually taken from RTG cranes.

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Young generation also prefer to have hybrid vehicles. Many youngsters are now a day entrusted in having new models of hybrid cars. These hybrid vehicles are fuel efficient, because of this reason 45 percent of young generation is paying high to buy these vehicles. new cars are also introduced which make the use of both electricity and gas and 57 percent youngsters prefer these vehicles. Many hybrid vehicles also have touchscreen control in their vehicles. It seems in coming future touchscreen dashboards will become most required thing in automobiles.

There is also multimedia feature introduced in new technology of hybrid vehicles because modern passengers need full comfort and luxury in order to enjoy peaceful and comfortable journey. People prefer hybrid cars because of the many new additional features introduced in these cars. So youngsters always want to buy those things which are best in that respective field. New cars like second generation of the X3 are making remarkable spots in young market, because it contain a complete package of all new features introduced in hybrid vehicles like styling and mechanics. In comparison with BMWs features such as the corona-ring running lights and the twin kidney grille design are also available in these cars. 

By Ali Javed, published at 03/26/2012
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