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Top Features Of a Camper Van


Camping is one of those activities that requires complete preparation. The trip can easily turn into a disaster if one is not fully prepared for it. Since a camping trip is outdoors so it is very important to take your sleeping bags, toiletries, food items, and more. The main question is how to carry all the luggage.

This is where a camper van comes in. Many camping enthusiasts and persistent travelers are opting for specialized camping cars or camper vans that are manufactured specifically for making your outdoor camping trips more comfortable and adventurous. A camper van is also known as recreational vehicle that has built-in modifications to help the owner with lodging and toilet facilities when they are on the road.

Cars have been modified to meet different demands and requirements, for instance trucks, rollers and tanks. A camper van is also a car that have been modified so that it can serve the dual purpose of transportation and providing a place to sleep in. Motor homes should not be confused with Camper vans. Motor homes are more luxurious and bigger in size and are often used as an alternative to conventional homes where recreational vehicles are meant to be small, mobile and equipped with facilities like sleeping bunks and a toilet to help the traveler in long journeys. The very first camper vans can be attributed to the famous Volkswagen Westfalia Campers that are fundamentally the front runners in the camping vans. These vans have been used by gypsies and tourists alike and even by families who plan long trips. Camper vans have helped many families to plan great and fun family vacations.

A camper van is economical for having a great vacation with your family. They give you the facility of transportation and luxury of taking a break and sleeping for some rest. But like different hotels that offer you different facilities, camper vans also have different features that offer different comforts. Each manufacturing company offers its own unique set of facilities in their camper vans. One of most sought after feature is the sleeping area. Many camping cars that are now being sold give the luxury of dedicated sleeping quarters or a space like a bedroom with beds. Another top feature that many desire and is available in latest models is the GPS direction software. This system makes the trip even more fun by allowing the travelers to always stay on the right path. it helps them to get to their destination without wasting time and money.

Tips and comments

A camper van is the most affordable manner by which a person can take friends and family on fun-packed camping trips and long journeys. Camper vans are like portable motels. they offer you the comfort of a room and excellent wheels for your journey. They help you to save money and resources by giving you the luxury to rest and travel whenever you want.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/04/2012
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Top Features Of a Camper Van. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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