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The Best Campervan

Published at 02/17/2012 20:51:47


More and more people are investing in a campervan, making it their second home for frequent vacations and special trips with a partner or the entire family. These vehicles are especially made for the outdoors and should come with all the proper features and amenities for ultimate comfort and safety. The best campervan will be subjective to the relative needs and requests of users. Here are some traits that might interest individuals.


About the Van

A campervan is described as a multifunctional vehicle that serves as a mode of transportation to shelter and keep several people for several weeks at a time. The vehicle is especially built with recreational features so that these can be taken to different parts of the country primarily as a secondary home and as a movable vacation home. A number of special rules and licensure requirements apply for campervans just as there are regulations for real vehicles and homes. The recreational vehicle or RV can cost thousands of dollars and comes from various world-famous companies and manufacturers. People today continue to improve and enhance the model since these were first introduced in the middle of the twentieth century.


The Sections

The best campervan should include a number of parts that will make it very comfortable for families and guests to stay in. Typical models include a living area complete with a couch or lounge chairs, a kitchen, a bedroom and a full bathroom. Some of the best types can accommodate anywhere between 8 and 12 persons comfortably. For the living area, there might also be a television set with satellite for cable channels, a radio or DVD player and a bar. The kitchen will most likely include a refrigerator, a grill, stove and oven and a dining area. The bedroom will comprise of a twin or queen bed. Some models feature double decks that allow people to fully lie down. The bathroom will include hot and cold shower, a toilet bowl and even a tub depending on the size. Windows, air-conditioning and air vents are positioned throughout the campervan strategically to let air and light come in naturally.

Some Features

The best campervan will also come complete with other items, appliances and fixtures such as lamps and lights, a fresh water tank, storage space, sliding tables and beds for space-saving, carpets, mattresses, awnings, picnic tables and chairs and an exterior shower so that people can take a bath outside the RV. Safety features should also be included at all times like a backup battery, a backup tire, fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Blankets, coats, umbrellas and other items will be set up by the owner.

Tips and comments

Things to Expect

The best campervan will need to be maintained properly just like the usual car and has to be cleaned regularly like the usual home. Some states will require permits and certificates for campers to park legally. People should plan their trips carefully and look for the right places to visit. They can join caravan clubs to know more about the proper maintenance and best places to go.