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How To Locate a Horse Race Track


Finding a horse race track is a fun experience for any horse racing enthusiasts who love the sport and like to watch! Many states have horse racing tracks and this can be a great way to get into the sport and learn what to watch for if you want to begin horse race betting! Horse racing began in America in 1665. During the war, the sport greatly went down in popularity and people stopped checking out the sport. It wasn't until The Triple Crown that people came back to the sport and watched it with enthusiasm. We will discuss ways to find good horse race track venues so that you can check out all the horse racing action live!

Step 1

Louisville Kentucky is said to be the home of horse racing! The famous horse race track, Churchill Downs is where many of a famous horse has raced and won! Celebrities often gather at this horse racing hub and bet on their favorite picks. The rich and famous tend to flock to this sport because of the notoriety and money you can make. A good day at the track can bring thousands of dollars in winnings or a huge loss! This horse race track was opened in 1875. It host the most famous race, the Kentucky Derby each year while thousands flock to watch for a winner and pray that it will be their pick! If you will be around the state of Kentucky, visit Churchill Downs for a great horse race!

Step 2

Belmont Park is a thoroughbred race track that was established in 1905. It is located in New York and is one of the most famous horse tracks in America. This track is the home of the Belmont Stakes which is popular throughout the world of horse racing. There have been many champion riders who have competed on this track and so it got its name as the champion track for this reason. Horse enthusiasts gather through the spring and early summer months to watch the racing horses and win money from bets. This sport is taken even more seriously than football and soccer! If you will be visiting New York anytime soon, this is a great place to go out and watch the races!

Step 3

The Fair Grounds Race Course is well known for horse racing! It is located on the New Orleans fair grounds and proudly boasts that it is ranked number 12 in the world for being the best horse track. New Orleans loves its horse racing and people get pretty serious about the sport! People have been known to bet their life savings on a single horse. This can be a dangerous move, yet a prosperous one if the horse does actually win! If you are looking to travel to New Orleans, this is a great place to watch a horse race!

Step 4

The Sarratoga Race Course in New York is also known for being a great race track! It opened in 1863 and has since held many racing events and hosted many champions. There have been many upsets in the world of racing on this very track and thus the Course got the nickname, "The Graveyard of Champions". Many claim that once a champion races on this course and loses, that their career in horse racing is over. This course has three separate tracks for added excitement in the horse race. Many people visit the course each year just to get a glimpse of the powerful thoroughbreds. If you are in New York, this is a place that you will want to check out!

Step 5

The Pimlico Race Course in Maryland is home to some of the best races in the sport. It was opened some time in 1873. The Pimlico special race is one of the most famous races that this track hosts each year. Thousands travel from all over the world to view this famous race and bet on its participants. This is a flat track and one of the most popular to race on. Many horse racing enthusiasts and fans flock to Maryland to visit this historic site and pay homage to horses who have raced there. The hall of fame is proudly displayed as a witness to the greatness of horse racing! Visiting Maryland can provide some great horse racing action!


Check your state to see what tracks are available!

If you don't have a race track in your area, there are many famous tracks all over the United States!

Be careful when making horse bets and don't bet above your means!

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By David Scott, published at 03/08/2012
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