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Places To Park a Caravan in the Uk


In Great Britain, there are several places you can park a caravan.  In the north coast of Cornwall, Padstow is a notable port city where so many activities takes place and even fishermen that visit there from all over England have described Padstow as one of the place where one can spend a holiday, especially for caravanning. There are so many places in Padstow where caravan and camping sites can be seen around Padstow but in the countryside and around the places where well-known beaches are located.

However, in this article we shall be looking at some notable areas where you can park a caravan in the United Kingdom.

Padstow Touring Park

Padstow Touring Park, which is located outside the coastal town of Padstow is a member of the Caravan and Camping Club and it has been rated with four emblem rating from the Automobile Association (AA). It is a well-serviced organization, highlighting facilities such as toilets, hot shower services, hair dryers, baby changing stations and laundry services. A little store serves the park, selling food, camping garnishes and RV tools. Motor home and RV hookups are also obtainable just like traditional tent camping areas as well as many other camping sites that have private bathrooms.

Atlantic Bay Holiday Park

Another interesting place to park a caravan is the Atlantic bay holiday park which is located on twenty-seven acres of land outside the town of Padstow, Cornwall. Apart from caravan and camping facilities including chalet-style lodging which are found in this park, the Atlantic bay holiday park also offer self-catering holiday accommodation where people could still relax and be comfortable. You are entitled to have twenty complete service sites with the inclusion of water, electricity and sewage disposal. An amenity centre, playground, laundry and bathroom conveniences are given to visitors. The park is a short to additional dining and shopping in Padstow.

Mother Ivey’s Caravan Park

You can also park a caravan in Mother Ivey’s Caravan Park situated on a privately owned beach outside Padstow. This park is one of the highly rated parks in north Cornwall and it proposes caravan sites and conventional camping places as well as caravan for hire. All vehicles sites meant for leisure renders electricity, water and sewage openings, including access to the beach. Conventional campsites where people park a caravan normally include access to shower, laundry and bathroom amenities as well as a dis washing area and water faucets. A private tent-camping area known as “The Meadows” will be opened during the summer season for people to have access to in order so that they will be happy.

Finally, it is very glaring to state that there are so many places where one can park caravan in the United Kingdom depending on your choice and what you exactly want to achieve. Having read this article, you are left with so many options which will reduce your time of search. So why not make your choice amongst the parks discussed in this article so that you can have a secured place to park a caravan whenever you choose to do so.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/09/2012
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