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How To Find Music By La Oreja De Van Gogh


La Oreja De Van Gogh or simply Oreja Van Gogh in short, is a pop rock band found in Spain. The group was formed in 1996 by Pablo Benegas, Alvaro Fuentes, Xabi San Martin and Hartix Garde. Later on, their latest vocalist, Amaia Montera joined the band. The L.A. Oreja Van Gogh band was discovered after joining and winning the grand prize at a San Sebastian pop rock contest. This was the chance that earned them a record deal from Sony Music. The L.A. Oreja Van Gogh band released their debut album titled Dile al Sol in 1998 and they became Artist of the Year at the Ondas Awards in Spain. If you want to find their music, here are some steps that you could follow.

Step 1

Go to Yahoo Music has been a convenient place to go to in finding music for your favourite artists. They have collection of videos and tracks from albums. You can also buy and download the music of the artists straight from Yahoo Music like Oreja Van.

Step 2

Type L.A. Oreja Van Gogh on music search box. When you reach the website, there are two search box entries that you will find. The first one has a search box title “Search Web” which is found at the right corner of the website. The second one has a search box title “Music Search” which is found at the left corner of the website. Make sure to type "La Oreja Van Gogh" on the Music Search box so that the query will be searched only on the Yahoo Music site and not the entire web.

Step 3

Click on L.A. Oreja Van Gogh search result. Once you hit enter, or clicked on the search button, the query list search will appear. The only artist that will appear is the L.A. Oreja Van Gogh artist so click on the name of the band because it contains a hyperlink which will guide you to the bands page.

Step 4

Click on albums. Once you have entered the L.A. Oreja Van Gogh bands webpage, you will see some music videos, the biography of the band, similar artists related to the band, a link to their official homepage, photos, and albums. If you want to watch the music videos of the band, you can personally click on the videos. If you only want to hear their music, you can click on the person albums of the band.

Step 5

Press play button on Track Listing. Once you click on the link of the person albums of the L.A. Oreja Van Gogh band, you can now see the list of tracks in the album. You can click on the play button just before the title of each song and wait for it to load and play.

There might be some songs in Yahoo Music which are not available in full length because of copyright. If there are some of these songs that only play previews and you want to hear the entire song, you can search again in other websites such as

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/13/2012
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