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How To Post a For Sale Van


If you have a van for sale and you don’t know how to do it, there are certain methods that will allow potential buyers to know that your van is for sale.

Step 1

The easiest way to let people know that you have a van for sale is to tell all your friends and ask them to tell all their friends as well. But this will only get you a slight possibility of actually selling the van.

Step 2

The second way is to post a “van for sale” announcement in the newspaper, and the chances of you selling the van will certainly increase. If you desire to make your announcement look better, you can choose a premium one, which will cost you some money, but among other announcements, it will be more obvious and it will appear more than one time.

Step 3

But the best way to promote your van is to go online find the pages that sell cars and post there “van for sale”. Remember to ad pictures to your post in order for people to see what the van looks like. When posting van for sale, also give the technical and mechanical details of your van and what problems it might have. A small trick that everyone does is to post a higher price than you actually want but also ad “negotiable” to your add. This way you, if you sell your van you will not loose money, and the buyer will think that he or she has got a major discount. So, a van for sale could be a gain on both sides.

Step 4

But when someone contacts you about your post “van for sale” always try to give the correct details of the car, and if that person is not convinced or the price is too high, make the first step and invite them to take a look at the van. Maybe after they have seen it they will be more convinced and decide to buy it. But be honest about the van’s condition, don’t try to hide anything that is wrong with your car, because if you do that, and the potential buyers discover it, they will surely walk away, and who knows maybe even recommend you as a person who is only interested in getting easy money.

Step 5

If your van for sale is not in good condition then maybe you should make smaller adjustments to it. For that you could take it to a mechanic or a service and have them look at it, and if some repairs will cost you, that is ok because you can include those repairs in the selling price.


When you have a van for sale and you don’t know what is the best way to sell it, or your selling skills have left you down, you can also go to a used cars dealer and for a percentage of the price they will try to sell it in their parking lot.


So, here are some ways to start the “van for sale” process, and hopefully one of these methods will end in you getting the money you want for your car.

By Toma Mircea, published at 03/20/2012
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How To Post a For Sale Van. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.