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Review Of the Best Mini Van For a Family

Published at 03/27/2012 08:32:25


The best mini van for a family is the 2012 Kia Sedona EX Minivan. This 2012 Minivan has V6 engine which is 3.5-liter in size. The engine of this Kia EX has twenty-four variable timing valves and it has turning diameter of 39.6 ft. This Sedona EX has awesome simulated wood trim and the fuel tank of this mini van is of 21.1 gallons. This Kia model provides extreme comfort to the all passengers because it has reclining rear seats and the front hip space in this Minivan is 59.2 inch.

This Sedona model has satellite radio and the rear leg area in this mini van is 40.9 inch. This Kia EX has ventilation ducts along with fan control and the length of this Minivan is 202 inch. This 2012 Kia has emergency braking assist and the front head space in this Minivan is 40.9 inch. This Sedona model has front as well as rear disc brakes and the wheel base of this Minivan is 118.9 inch.

This 2012 Kia EX has remote anti-theft alarm system and the maximum towing capacity of this Kia Minivan is 3500 lbs. This Minivan has six-speed shiftable automatic gear-box and the front shoulder area in this mini van is 63.2 inch. This 2012 Minivan has rear as well as front stabilizer bar and the rear hip space in this Minivan is 65.9 inch. This Sedona EX has wheel locks and the width of this Kia is 78.1 inch.

This 2012 Minivan has luxury package and the maximum cargo handling capability of this Minivan is 141.5 cubic ft. The engine of this Minivan produces torque of 248 ft-lbs and it generates maximum speed of 271 horsepower. This Minivan has trailer hitch and the front as well as rear track of this Sedona EX is 66.3 inch.

This Minivan has split-bench third row seats which can be manually folded and the ground clearance of this Sedona EX is 6.6 inch. This Kia is a front wheel drive and the kerb weight of this Minivan is 4374 lbs. This Sedona model has iPod integration and the overall height of this Minivan is seventy-two inch.

This 2012 Kia has leather steering wheel and the front leg space in this Minivan is 41.7 inch. This EX model has whiplash protection system and the city range of this mini van is 379.8 miles. This Sedona EX has child safety locks and the highway EPA mileage of this Minivan is 25 mpg. This vehicle has universal remote transmitter and the rear shoulder area in this Minivan is 65.3 inch.

Tips and comments

This 2012 Minivan is very spacious and it has awesome interior. This Minivan runs at an incredible speed and it has awesome pick-up. This Sedona model has mind blowing fuel and mileage efficiency. This Minivan has great illumination for crystal clear view of the road especially during night-time and misty weather. This Minivan has safety airbags which provides optimum protection to the driver and the passengers during accident. It’s the best Minivan for a family, so get it now to frequently go on a long drive with the family.