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Man with van’ is a very impressive domain name that one will be able to easily register in one’s mind. The URL ‘’ is actually taken by a company that helps people move things from one place to another. The company offers two moving solutions to its customers: either get a man with van or get two men and a truck. While the former solution is meant for those who do not have a lot of moving to do, the latter is meant for those who require a large moving solution.

The service of this company is quite quick and its customer service is highly impressive. Since Man with van is not a franchise therefore it does not employ any owner drivers or sub-contractors. Also, you do not need to worry if your things are being moved by this company because it has a public liability insurance of up to ten million dollars. The employees of this company are provided in-house training so as to make them highly efficient.

Charges for moving things

The charges by Man With Van aren’t very high actually, considering the usefulness and effectiveness of its service. You need to pay a minimum of one hour and the travel time whenever you hire these people. There is a thirty minute increment charge after the first hour. The charges depends on the option that you choose, a truck with two men is the costliest while a van with a man is the cheapest. The one that is in the middle of the spectrum would be the van with two men option. The company accepts payments through MasterCard, AMEX, VISA and cash. If you are using AMEX then you will have to pay a surcharge of 5%. For MasterCard and VISA users the surcharge is only 2%. All the prices quoted by the company includes public liability insurance and GST.

Tips for moving

The Man With Van website features some tips that movers can use in order to make moving a hassle-free and convenient process. If you have paintings or mirrors then ensure that they are wrapped with bubble wrap or cardboard. Heavy items should be kept in small boxes. The tops of all the boxes should always be sealed and one should avoid overloading the boxes. If you are moving pot plants then wrap the base of it with plastic before placing them in the box. Anything fragile or easily scratched should be covered with bubble wrap. The website also offers movers with a checklist to help them decide the things they are moving.

How to contact them

In order to make a booking, you have to call them up at the number provided on the website or one can do it online from the website. Before you make your booking ensure that you determine the right vehicle for your needs. In order to do this you can consult the chart containing dimensions of both the vehicles. While the van will suffice for a basic one-bedroom apartment or a small office,the trucks of this company can accommodate the things of an average office or a two-bedroom house with ease.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/04/2012
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