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Review Of the Best Network Software Monitoring


The network software monitoring tool named "Servers Check Monitoring" is available in the following versions: Free Edition / BUSINESS 50/500/1000 and PREMIUM. The network software monitoring tool “Servers Check Monitoring” has a Free Edition, it is the standard version, and offers FREE-control up to "15 devices". The network software monitoring program can monitor any TCP Port (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, VNC, DNS, etc..), Check ODBC, Oracle, My-SQL databases, trap SNMP values (disk space, free memory, CPU usage, etc.), Business and Premium Editions for network software monitoring.
Servers Check Monitoring Business and Premium has a 21 days trial and it has the following characteristics:
-BUSINESS 50/500/1000 (example it can monitor five goals on 10 servers which means 50 rules)
-PREMIUM-Unlimited rules for monitoring servers and other equipment; Add-ONS: SNMP Trap Receiver, Report Scheduler.
This software is a network software monitoring tool designed for servers that run on Windows systems.

The network software monitoring is used for monitoring, reporting and alerting all network and systems issues.
With this network software monitoring tool is easy to work and monitor all regular devices of the network.

Other additional features offered:
-The program can monitor environmental devices like temperature, humidity, flooding.
Servers Check Monitoring Software is running as local service and it is administered through a browser-based interface.

Additional options include alerts, and charts to track long-term statistics.
-Over 60 different types of checks:
The software can monitor devices using PING, any TCP Port (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, VNC, DNS, etc.)
Can check databases (ODBC, Oracle, My-SQL), retrieve SNMP data, monitor Windows systems (disk space, free memory, CPU wear, service / active processes, etc.), checks the content sent from a computer system Linux and Unix, etc.
-Auto discovers devices: Servers Check will auto running on your network by scanning it.
Each device will be automatically checked through a PING. You can add more checks for a device found.
Environment-sensors allow you to monitor the systems, not only from inside, but also monitors the conditions under which they operate.

The sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, flooding or voltage drop in the computer rooms.
-When an error is detected, the network software monitoring tool can alert users using multiple options: email, SMS (text message) and more.

Alerts can be sent individually or to a team, or with an additional option to extend the group. With add-on alert IVR, a user may use the software to confirm the alert.
-The software is accessed using a browser or mobile device (phone, PDA). This allows a view of the availability of your systems anywhere, anytime.
-The software does not need other software to be installed on the device it monitors. It uses system native protocols such as TCP/IP, WMI, SNMP, etc ... to query devices.

In the case of monitoring * NIX systems, it does need an installation of a free agent on the remote systems.

Servers Check Monitoring-Software can be installed in the following 38 languages. System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III (or higher)
  • 100 MB of disk space
  • Business Edition: 512-1GB MB of RAM
  • Premium Edition 1GB of RAM
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Media Windows XP Tablet or Windows Server 2003
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, etc.
  • Servers Check Monitoring Software is dedicated for administrators to monitor all aspects of server performance and availability.
By Bob Meadow, published at 02/17/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Review Of the Best Network Software Monitoring. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.