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How To Set Up a Network For Monitoring


If it’s a small office set up or a large corporation your data is your security. Just a slight breach in your system could put anyone red alert. So to make sure everything is safe from the smallest word document to the even a few personal photos and songs, its best to create a portal for monitoring network to insure its security.

Step 1

This involves the intensive care and usage of proper security, hardware and software installation, along with troubleshooting. It becomes quite hectic to oversee so many systems and equipments all at once, but by setting up a system for monitoring network makes it simple and hassle free.

Step 2

Exactly what is Network Monitoring? This is basically your eyes and ears for monitoring network just in case any issues arise on your network, it will also work as your security to provide protection to all your precious data. Monitoring network will allow you to keep an eye on just about anything that are related to your complex such as printers and their supplies, hard drive space, software installations, and more. The IT pros usually have everything inter connected to get a heads up for any changes in their monitoring network via e-mail or through phone text messages, allowing them to keep a closer gaze on it.

Step 3

Solutions to Network Monitoring: Every person is unique; therefore, every monitoring network created is as unique as the individual who has created it. However, no matter what the network created it, it should be able to monitor the PC’s hardware and its supplies, monitor software, and web traffic. The important component is having the knowledge of when any changes are being made to you devices in the monitoring network.

Step 4

Be sure to also keep track of installation of software or if any of them are being uninstalled on your monitoring network systems. Make sure all your computers are protected with the proper antivirus that is always updated regularly. Bandwidth is always an issue when you have many numbers of employees sharing a limited amount of bandwidth.

Step 5

Stay Updated and Aware. Physical things aren’t the only things to be kept an eye on; several non physical masses such as service contracts should also be looked after. This will help a lot not just in monitoring network systems but even save the company or corporation money. Knowing prior to what’s about to expire will give you enough time to do a bit of research to advantage of any deals or discounts. Keeping updated on trends and advancements in the tech world will also help you to devise an effective plan to create a stronger network.

Get The Best Tools

The whole procedure sure seems quite simple, right? The essentials discussed will help create a productive environment for users and your boss, keeping them highly happy. It even reduces the stress level on your shoulders by making you completely burden free. A great step to ensure the smoothness of your set up is by using the correct monitoring network tools.


Once again intense amount of research is needed in order to make the decision of what is best for your specific network and budget. Several companies have software solutions to be used, so before investing in any purchase make sure you have enough information to make your decision.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 03/08/2012
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