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Review Of Dishnetwork


DishNetwork is a satellite television provider. They offer services such as satellite T.V., audio programming, and DishOnline--an online streaming video service for subscribers only. While there has been some debate as to whether or not DishNetwork is the best television provider, it’s certainly the cheapest. Prices start at $24.99 a month, whereas other network providers can start as high as $32.99 a month. So, is it worth it? In this review, I’ll do my best to answer that question.

The Good

DishNetwork is cheap. Starting at $24.99 a month, DishNetwork is nearly $10.00 less a month than it’s competitors. It would cost an extra $6.00 for a person to add DVR, and another $5.00 to add local channels. Customer service, especially in comparison to some cable companies, is fantastic. Also, the fact that they offer that customer service 24/7 is a definite plus. If customer service is important to you, choose DishNetwork. The service is very easy to use. Customers should have no trouble adding channels or changing their plan. Also, given DishNetwork’s wonderful customer service, if you have any problems, a representative will have the issue resolved quickly. The cheap DVR is a nice touch, and it’s a service that most customers thoroughly enjoy. It supports up to two T.V.s, HD and SD viewing, it can pause and record shows, it has a picture-in-picture feature, a 500 GB hard drive, and Dish OnDemand. One could even say that it rivals TIVO.

The Bad

DishNetwork has been known to make frequent changes to their plans, as often as two times a year. If you’re looking for consistency, their service might not be the right choice for you. Some customers will experience a loss of signal during bad weather. This is due to the satellite link, sometimes it can get disrupted due to snow, heavy rain, ice, or thunderstorms. Disruptions due to weather are usually momentary, though sometimes inconvenient. There’s also the possibility of trees, or heavy foliage blocking the satellite signal. DishNetwork does not offer the NFL Sunday Ticket. A serious NFL fan might consider going for DirectTV if they’re interested in getting this service. However, the NFL Sunday Ticket runs $300 per season, and the few extra games it offers may not be worth the price.

DishNetwork VS. DirectTV

While both services beat cable in the way of price and customer service, which is better of the two? DishNetwork is roughly $10.00 cheaper to start with, has better receivers based on research and popular reviews, and remains number 1 in customer service at the current time. However, Direct TV’s NFL Sunday ticket is not available using DishNetwork. Ultimately, I’m in favor of the services that DishNetwork offers. I’ll admit that I’m not an NFL fan, but even so, is the service worth the $300.00 it requires you to pay? I’m not so sure it is. Also, price and customer service are very important to the majority of customers, including myself. If you’re looking for great customer service at a decent price, choose DishNetwork.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Review Of Dishnetwork. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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