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Anyone who has spent a lot of time on the Internet has, undoubtedly, encountered problems at one time or another. The Internet is a huge, complex and ever-expanding system of communication in our modern society.

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Networks face a myriad of problems themselves do to bandwidth limitations, router interfaces, hardware malfunctions, malicious activity (such as hackers), and user errors. Interruptions in Internet service are common, but there is now a solution to the problem of website downtime and service failure. That solution lies in the application and installation of software network monitoring.

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Software network monitoring is a tool which is customarily used by webmasters, network supervisors, hardware and software engineers and any person or department of a large enterprise or business who wants to know the condition, uses and problems which occur in a computer network.

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A Software network monitoring package is a required tool for monitoring, testing and resolving issues and problems in maintaining a smooth flow of information on the entire World Wide Web. A monitoring program can be used to observe the minute-to-minute activity on a large system of interconnected servers, routers and personal computers. A software network monitoring system can detect, and then report to an IT supervisor the exact condition of his/or her delicately balanced communications network. It can be applied world-wide, company-wide, in a classroom with a student-used computer, or in the bedroom of a young person who spends a lot of time on the net.

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Some persons refer to Software network monitoring as a "spying tool". That is not exactly correct, nor is it one of the main purposes of software network monitoring. The results of knowing what goes on more often than not, leads to correction of hardware errors and inefficient behavior of employees, students and young internet users. The benefits of network monitoring far outweigh any malicious use which some people may inflict on the integrity and utility of using the Internet. Mainly, Software network monitoring is a tool to ensure that the web pages, data centers, routers and other systems are operating at their maximum desired levels.

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How does Software network monitoring system work? The program monitors a computer, or a computer system - this can be one thousand computers in the offices of a multi-national corporation, the hundreds of computers in the offices of a company, the dozens of computers in a schoolroom, or the one or two computers in the home. If the parameters of the monitoring system are abused, the system will send a "ping" message to the person (usually an IT supervisor whose job it is to maintain a network) who can then correct the problem in the system. The "ping" message can be communicated to the system manager through a series of different channels. For instance, the detected problem will trigger an alert to the administrator, or will even send a message to the supervisor with an email or even a mobile phone message. Thus, a constant, real-time "photograph" of the conditions and uses of each and every computer on the monitoring system is communicated to an individual who can immediately respond to the problem and correct it before it develops into something more dangerous to the integrity of the system as a whole.


Who needs Software network monitoring? The answer is "everybody" who is trying to use the modern internet as a communications and work tool.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/22/2012
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The Best Software For Network Monitoring. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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