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We all know what is network and how the network works, right? It is the interconnection of millions of computers throughout the world through a tool called "The Internet". This is not necessarily the correct or only definition of the term network. Now how the network computer should be set up?

Step 1

A network can consist of as few as two computers in your home or perhaps a few computers in your office. The advantages of a small, local computer network are varied and many. So, let's set up a small computer network.

The main advantage of how a home or small office computer network is that information can be shared between computers and the computers can work together to make work easier, more efficient and much more useful for all the users of the network.

Step 2

How network of computer should be set up? There are two important facts to consider when thinking about setting up a computer network. One is: What information will the computers are expected to share, and two; How to network a computer and which one is best wired or wireless computer network.

Step 3

First, what information sources and what devices to you want to share? When two or more people are working on a small network, how they can easily access the data from the other computers and use it to accomplish mutual tasks, that is, passing along information which has been gained by one computer operator to his or her colleagues for adding data, editing, integrating the data into another task, or allowing colleagues and family members to benefit from the work of others in the network. If at least one of the computers is connected to the internet, it can be used as a "local server" to several other local computers.

Step 4

Which one to select, wired or wireless network computer? In the past few years as more and more families and small businesses are using local computer networks, the price of the hardware and software has decreased significantly. The ease of installation has become a simple task of downloading software and purchasing a few cables or wireless implements. Wireless networks of course, allow one to have fewer cables running around the house or office and creates a cleaner working and living environment. Wireless connection allows the users to move from place to place and not bother with dragging cables all over the place. So, actually, a wireless small computer network is a better choice.

Step 5

How network for wireless computer should be installed? Simple. You only need to purchase a couple of wireless adapters for each computer and you are in business. Windows XP and Mac OS2 in their latest versions already have computer networking capabilities built into the operating system. The network is initiated by going to the control panel of the main computer and configuring the computer to share with other computers. This is a rather simple task, and the Windows operating system will lead you through each step of the process.


Now how you can share data, emails, music, Word documents, printers, wireless audio and video equipment, remote cameras and printers with all the computers in the network with the click of a mouse.

These are the various things that solve the problem of how a network computer should be set up!

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/24/2012
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