How To Use a Network Hub
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How To Use a Network Hub

Published at 03/02/2012 22:36:06


How To Use a Network Hub

Technology has enabled the use of one component of a device to be shared and distributed to a series of devices to function as a single unit. This concept of networking represents a device not sophisticated yet effective allowing a work piece to operate as a single network segment. A hub network is also known as an Ethernet hub or repeater or active hub and is limited with the purpose of detecting and does not manage traffic that passes through but rather the bits.

Step 1

Using a hub network involves having proper knowledge of the basics in networking. A great majority comes with the option of USB port while the most common ones in the current market are the ones that accommodate the use of Ethernet with all working on the concept of joining multiple computers. Procedure is followed in order to come up with a successful arrangement of this system starting from attaining an Ethernet cable and connecting it to the unit.

Step 2

Networking process is only said to be complete when there is no dead end in the system components, by this, it means that the other end of the Ethernet cable connected to the unit needs to find a complement device, a second computer or even a subsequent switch. The most common terminal point in use is the RJ-45 that complements the other computer’s network interface card.

Step 3

When there is need to connect to more than one or subsequent computers then one can use a switch or a router that has the ability to multiply the source points for other cables which are used to connect to some other computers. This is likened to a distributer and does the work of receiving signals and submitting them to the next channel without altering any dimension in form of bandwidth and this is the speed component. The higher the bandwidth like dual speed switches the faster the transmission.

Step 4

Hub network is very useful in the event that there is a breakdown in the main network switch and this sustains services for awhile with it being very useful in home setting or for use where there is no huge demand for multiple large scale network operations. Hub network is limited for use by the fact that collision in the bandwidth is not rectified by this device and is considered a great shortfall of this technology.

Step 5

A series of ports are formed from a hub network and this is divided into receiving packets of signals which cannot be amplified by passive hubs or the other group which does the amplification of these signals as the active hub. The third and the most superior of the hub networks is one that is called the intelligent hub that has the extra quality of performing an act of managing remote matters within the network.

Tips and Comments

A network hub is of preference because of their purpose in simplifying creation of many independent workstations using multiple routers by saving on the energy and resources for several sets of devices. They are also very much affordable and cost less than the alternative switches.

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