How To Add a Computer To a Network
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How To Add a Computer To a Network

Published at 03/02/2012 22:29:05


How To Add a Computer To a Network

An organization needs the element of networking in order to function well in all its operations. It is the mandate of the central administration office to ensure that information is disseminated to all the components of the institution through the communications and external affairs department. This cannot be realized without the element of networking. In order to network, there is need for understanding of the components of a network.

Step 1

When someone intends to network a computer to other computers, he is charged with the responsibilities of knowing the components well in advance and how to harmonize them. In order to share information, other hardware components and peripheral devices, one needs to network as networking allows for sharing of resources and information. This information can be in form of data, messages, graphics, software and hardware resources and other components such as the modems and printers.

Step 2

There is need to involve the use of a network system that allows for communication error detection and correction referred to as protocol in an effort to apply theoretical and practical application of telecommunication and electrical engineering. The concept of computer networking dates back to the use of wired local area network otherwise called LAN and the one that precedes this technology as the Ethernet that has since found a favorable clientele as it provides wide range computer networking applications.

Step 3

The most commonly used cable for networking is the cat 5 Ethernet cable commonly referred to as the RJ 45 cable that is made as a slot into the computer and the other end fed to the next computer or a switch for multiple application of networking. To network a series of gadgets, one will be required to decide on the scope of networking bearing in mind the topology, transport medium for data like the cable and scale of intended work, organizational level and communication protocol before actually starting the work.

Step 4

The process of adding a computer to a network may involve the incorporation of twisted pair wire and his needs to be specially designed to fit into the card slot of the computer. Other provisions include coaxial cable and an optical fiber with this employing the use of light to transmit data in form of pulses. This is more advantageous because of the fact that it is used to bring about transmission at a faster rate in form of bandwidth and bitrates.

Step 5

One will realize that it is actually easy to network with a computer when the whole process shall have taken you a short time and the results realized as working properly in a single masterpiece. All the components will be detected by the computer as foreign or new hardware. When this happens on a popup menu accept feed in a command to accept the new hardware or network and you are off to go with the enjoyment of a successful networking.


There are great benefits that accompany networking and this will be summed up with the fact that there is going to be an overall speedy operation on the intended work as opposed to physical connection of data by manual transfer in the case of a standalone computers.

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