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How To Add a Network To a Local Computer


Adding a network to your PC or connecting to a network may vary as per your operating system and capability of your computer towards accepting newer network devices. However most of the process of adding a network to a PC remains same.

Network Manager
Most of the networks are managed by a network manager. If your network is also managed by a manager then your connection is automatically enabled. However if the connection of network to your PC does not enabled automatically then you should do it manually also.

Step 1

Enabling Network

First of all you have to find the icon of network manager. This icon will be available on notification area near the clock. This icon mostly looks like a monitor. In order to enable network to your PC you should first of all right click that icon and tick the enable networking.

Step 2

If the desired network is wireless then you should tick enable wireless network also. After that when you click on the network manager icon it will open all the networks enabled on your pc. In case of multiple networks you should select your desired network. After some time a message will be sent to you that network are successfully established. Now your network to your local computer is functioning.

Step 3

Using of if up Command

If up is a command tool which is used to enable network connections and by using if up command you can connect network to your pc. You have to follow a procedure to connect to a network through if up command. First of all go to application than go in accessories and press terminal.

Step 4

This will open a terminal now just type “suds if down eth1” in the terminal box and after that just press return. Change the name of your network to “eth1” if it has a different name. Then the windows will ask about your password. Just put your desired password and repeat the process again by typing “suds if up eth1” in the box and press return again.

Step 5

One more time you have to replace the name of your network to “eth1”. After successful connection you will received a message as following
“DHC PACK from”
“Bound to – renewal in 436754398 seconds”
Keep in mind that numbers can be different but the structure of the message remains same as above. This is an effective tool for connecting network to your computer.


As the usage of computes in our life increasing, the demand of networking is also increasing rapidly. The advantages of connecting with a network are enormous and most of the people whether in offices or at homes who have more than one computer are now using network.


The most attractive advantage of enabling network to your computer is you can share resources such as printers, internet connection device and hard disk. Another advantage of connecting network to your computer is instead of moving data from one computer to another through a CD or flash drive just save it on shared drive and work on it from any computer of the network.

By Mariah John, published at 02/27/2012
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