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The Best Games To Play on a Network


LAN parties are a lot of fun and gamers really enjoy network games because they are a lot of fun. When a group of gamers are playing network games and they are having fun, usually these parties go on all night until the sun rises. Playing network games with your friends is a lot of fun because it brings out our competitive spirit and our team work capabilities. When you are playing network games time goes faster and you will often lose track of time. A LAN party is proof of Einstein theory.


If you want to hold a LAN party you will need some basic network equipment like, a router, network cables and plenty of space for all the computers. If you build a local game network you might want to use a router because you use the router to connect all the computers to the internet. The internet took some of the fun of network games because people interact differently when they are in the same room, and the internet created the opportunity for every gamer to sit at home and play with his friend.

At a LAN party you can play a lot of fun network games like Counter Strike, Starcraft, Diablo, Age of Empires and many others.

Some games are very fun to play in a network because they are very competitive and they give players the opportunity to test their skills. “Warcraft III The Frozen Throne” is a very fun and completive game, it’s a strategy game created by Blizzard that is very fun and competitive when played 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 up to 6v6. Strategy give players the opportunity to test their skills in strategy, quickness and team play and in Warcraft besides the usual multiplayer mode you can also play user made maps like DOTA or Tower Defense. These maps are a lot of fun and they are even better when they are played on a network.


If you are a shooter fan then you don’t want to miss playing Half Life Counter-Strike. This is the most popular LAN game and a lot of gamers say that CS is better when you play it at a LAN party. There are several shooting games that are a lot of fun. Some of the best fun games might be older and they don’t have incredible graphics but they have a really good fun gameplay. You can also try to play Quake or Quake 2 these are classic shooters.
If you are a racing game fan then you can try games like Need For Speed or Burnout. There are good network games almost in every genre and if you want to have loads of fun you can try them all. Network games are great because they bring friends together and they let them interact, so network games are more than just entertainment they are a way to make friends.

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If you have all the computers connected to the internet you can try and play online co-op, multiplayer games also like Defense of the Ancients, Heroes Of Newerth or League Of Legends.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/01/2012
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