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The Best Networking Software

Published at 03/04/2012 20:05:44


In this article we will come to know what Software is. What is Networking Software? And which are the best networking software?

Software is designed to manage and monitor computer networks while Networking Software Applications manage and monitor the computer networks of different sizes. These sizes vary from small home networks to the largest networks. Operating systems are used to manage and control one computer of a single user while the Networking Software is used to control multiple computers across the network. It makes the network run smoothly.

Step 1

There are two major types of networking software and most of the networks are combination of both, these are:

  • Peer to Peer
  • Client to Client

Peer to Peer network operating system software:

In this type of network OS software, all the computers are considered at the same level. They use the resources (available at the network) at the same level. But this type of network is used to control the local area networks ranging from small to medium. There is no central location for files in peer to peer.

Client/ Server network operating system software:

There is centralization of files in client/ server model. There are file servers which are used to provide resources to all computers. This network is scalable, flexible, accessible and interoperable.

Step 2

There are some of the networking softwares which are used mostly. These are as following:

Cacti: Cacti are the software which provides a framework for every type of data. It is open source system software. It monitors the devices as Linux, Windows etc.

IPCop: It protects our private and SOHO system or network. It is a secure Linux based operating system which translates the work-stations and file servers into firewall.

Kamailio: It is open source server which is used to handle the call setups per second. There are some of the feautures of Kamailio which include asynchronous TCP, UDP, secure communication, minimum cost routing and load balancing etc. It can be written in language frameworks like C, Perl and Python.


KeePass: You have different passwords for different things like emails, ftp passwords, windows passwords etc. You can’t make all of them same as if there is any hacker who hacks your one account can have the access to all others which causes huge problem. So keepass is a solution for this problem. It is open source passowrd management utility. It manages and controls your passwords of different logins in a very secure way. There is a database for your passwords and it contains one master key. You should know only that one master key to have the access to all others which unlocks that database. That database is encrypted by using the algorithms like TwoFish.

Nagios: It is powerfull monitoring system. It is used to resolve the IT Infrastructure problems before giving any harm to your business. It ensures that your applications and business processes are running appropriately and accordingly. If there comes any failure then Nagios alerts that any problem has occurred and then it is managed and controlled by the technical staff accordingly before causing any outage.

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