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Through network server opportunity you can find an easy and simple option to connect among different computers without installing any additional software or downloading new directories. Without creating any hype you can connect with several computers. Most essential part to create a network server is to have a strong and powerful network connection first, that will give your network server an internet access. Its common observation that network server is controlling more data traffic as compared to normal desktop PC, so we need strongest and healthy network connection to prevent traffic congestion. Gigabit Ethernet is one of the common cables that come in two versions used for the setup of network server, one is providing transferring rate of 1,000 MBPS of data and the other one is providing 10 MBPS that is most useful for small offices or LAN.

Step 1

Very first step for server setup is to create a central switch using an Ethernet gigabit cable, which can be made by using router or hub. Ethernet is usually used for transferring data in form of packets among different computers or it can automatically select computer.

Step 2

Then we have to connect all computers which we want to connect with network server by plugging cable in empty ports. Then run each computer including server with these wires by keeping in mind the most common precaution is to keep wiring away from pedestrians.


Step 3

After connecting networking cable at the back of each computer including server, to enjoy high speed features of network server it’s a best practice is to introduce a gigabit cable networking card among all computers connected. That is usually built in by the name of Network Interface Cards (NICs). You can find the properties of windows cards from server by right clicking “My Computer” go on “Properties” tab and then select “Device Manager”. You can see their card type under “Network Adapters”.

Step 4

If any computer will be having no network card then you can easily install it, there are two different Ethernet cabling options one of which will be usually used in any given LAN. You can buy NICs with any of these Ethernet cabling ports or you have opportunity to buy it with two ports also. If your newly installed NICs contains more than two slots then you can select it with configuration tool that which we have to select and which will not work.

Step 5

Last setup in making network server is to configure each computer, by selecting control panel and their select “Network Setup Wizard” usually in windows based PC’s. Configuring the network will automatically detect which computers are connected and network. During this you have opportunity to name your network, name each computer which will be connected to your network and you can also additional things which you want to share among computers like printer and other hard devices.


After configuration has been complete restart all systems and then you can enjoy and easy and inexpensive way to communicate among different computers in small office network.

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