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About E Entertainment Television Network


There are entertainment networks that have become synonymous with the world of entertainment. And of course, what better example of such networks than the E! Network? Launched on July 31, 1987 in the USA, E! Network has become a renowned name with movie trailers and event coverage, quickly becoming one of the world’s best known entertainment networks.


The brainchild of Larry Namer and Alan Mruvka, the E Network was started as MovieTime. It was renamed E! Entertainment Television to emphasize its increasing coverage of the entertainment industry and celebrities. With its showcase of films, music, fashion and daily fuel for the gossip hungry followers, it is no wonder that E! has reached an audience of 88 million viewers in the U.S. and around 600 million homes internationally and is still growing. It was once owned by several cable companies including HBO, Comcast, Continental Cablevision, Cox Cable, TCI and Warner Cable - even Disney at one point.


The E! Network is mostly famous for the live coverage it provides for some of the most well-known and most anticipated award ceremonies in the industry, including but not limited to, the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe and the Emmys. Viewers seem to enjoy Joan Rivers’ blatant bombardment of fashion criticism the most. Though many of the E! Network's original shows (“specials”) are those that deal with various genres of entertainment, there have been some that featured investigative reports, showcasing topics like teen pregnancy and prostitution of minors - reports that were well received. Over time, the E! Network has gathered a wide viewership because of its reality shows, which include the well-known show “The Girls Next Door”. E! has also spawned some well-known comedic shows, including “Chelsea Lately”. Unlike many TV networks, E! shows full credits of aired programs at the beginning of each show. In fact, some of its programs also broadcast the copyright labels in this manner, and many of its series often air the credits of the production company at the beginning of the last segment of the show. The only exceptions to this are the feature films that are aired. These films show the credits in the traditional manner: at the end of the program placement.

Tips and comments

The online version of the E! Network is E! Online, which keeps viewers up to date on entertainment news. The website includes “E! News Now”, which includes news that is only featured online and is not aired on the TV channel and its respective programs. This feature is updated every 24 hours. E! Network has become most famous among the younger generation of viewers because of the increase in usage of internet. YouTube has made E! Network all the more popular with international viewers who enjoy the shows and updates about their favorite movies and shows. One of the factors which has made it all the more popular is its “Got a News Tip?” feature which allows for interaction between the viewers and the network. The online community has received this most favorably.

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