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The Names Of Components Needed For Networking

Published at 03/08/2012 16:09:48


Computer networking involves the sharing of information. Information is transferred or shared between two or more computers. These computer networks have not just been set up in businesses but also at homes. These networks enable you to share different capabilities. For example you can share internet, or printing resources. You can also transfer photos, songs and videos through these computer networks. This computer networking can be as expanded as you desire. Networking within a building is called LAN. Networking between different localities is MAN. You can also get connected to any computer throughout the country and this would be referred to as WAN. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with, this is an easy task to follow


Some form of computer networking has existed ever since the 1940s. An early example of networking includes military radar networks such as SAGE. Advancements in computer networking systems took place slowly. WAN or wide area network was introduced by Thomas Meril in 1965. And it was in 1972 that commercial networking services were launched. This included the TCP and IP networks. Today computer network systems have expanded. This can be seen from the variety of users that make use of these computer networking systems. From offices to businesses to homes, computer network systems are set up everywhere.


There are a number of components networking requires. We can list these down. Firstly, you require computers. This is one of the most basic component networking requires. This could include laptops, personal computers or microcomputers. Among these types personal computers are most commonly used. The server can said to be the focal components networking needs to operate. This is carries the information needed to transfer resources. There many kinds of servers such as the database server, print server, fax server etc. Another component networking uses is the network interface card. These are inserted in the networking devices to enable connectivity between different computers. Different network interface cards are used in accordance with the type of network. For example, a wireless network and the Ethernet both require different network interface cards. Another basic components networking demands is hubs. Hubs are connected using a twisted pair of wires and they perform the function of propelling information towards all ports. Switches are an additional component networking would need. Switches perform a similar function to the hub. The only difference being that they do not propel information to all ports. And they have an additional function of being used to link two computers together for interim periods. Modem is a components networking needs for modulation and demodulation. In addition to the aforementioned components networking also requires you to have Gateways, Cables and Routers. These are all used primarily to connect the computers and establish the network between them.

Tips and comments

You should always avoid a hardwired network system. This is a system where the wires are apparent. The reason why this is discouraged is because you are unable to move around your devices since they are attached to wires. The set up also looks untidy and muddled because of the disarray of wires used.