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With time different and latest devices are being introduced by the expert to provide more convenience to the people. Amendments are made in the already existing product or new means and product is developed to support the task and make the work easier as compared to the other one. Mostly in the computer devices more and better form of product had been developed in last decades and with every [passing day now we are introduced with some new technology product. It has provided number of benefits to everyone. Different software and hardware devices are there which has totally changed the capacity, speed, and performance of the computer system. Well, network attached storage has been developed by the expert which is a storage device and used to store number of files without and interpretation and problem. They are easily available to everyone through computer devices shop and network attached storage is connected to the CPU which increase the storing capability of the system.

Step 1

Network attached has been designed to store large amount of data in it. The best place to place the network attached is in the secure room or near the telephone connection. The data can be stored by the help of the password and cannot be encrypted by any mean. It is larger than the computer’s tower. After this connect the network attached storage device trough different devices like it can be Ethernet, or through mean of the fibers are different kind of fibers available as well. Whatever the mean is to connect the projector with the network attached storage it should be check out so that one is assure that the systems are properly connected one another.

Step 2

If it is not it will create problems while starting the system therefore confirmation is compulsory for the working of network attached storage, by checking all the plugs are properly in the system.

Step 3

After attachment of network attached storage, there are different software’s available to operate the network attached storage, one have to select the best one, which one’s like to use while operating the system according to the friendly feature for him. 

Step 4

There are different one can the master computer operate the network attached by mean of it. Therefore, one should select the one, which could help in changing the network attached storage configuration as well, as similarly download the antivirus and other protective software for the network attached storage.

Step 5

After the downloading of the software for the network attached storage, then comes the turn of setting the system work and adjustment of the files.


 One must have a master computer, which is operating the files device storage function in network attached storage. It wills help to easily arranged data according to the one’s desire.


There are different ways of arranging data in the network attached storage; one can have the partition of drives to store data according to the one way of accessing. One can locate all the same nature file in one drive and similarly for other drives as well. Once the storage device is connected it will be visible on the master computer like all other devices connected to the system.

By Brenden Thomas Sammon, published at 03/12/2012
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